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Online Yomi development thread (2016)

On Steam OSX the “draw a card” sound is almost silent and the game frequently freezes for a moment.

Also, if you have “Sort hand” on, and your opponent disconnects and reconnects, your hand will become unsorted.


Everyone knows that unsorted is the best way anyway ^^

how dare you, sir


Thats madam to you, sir


Not sure where else to post this but @Thelo we ran into a bug while playing a tournament match:

  • Valerie vs Gwen
  • Gwen hit J ability on previous turn. Valerie’s attacks/throws are 2.0 speed slower.
  • Combat reveal is Valerie (A) - Gwen (2).
  • Valerie uses Burst of Speed to reduce the Ace’s speed by 1.0.
  • Combat resolves and Valerie’s Ace is registered at speed 3.0. It hasn’t been sped up. It loses combat to the 2.0 speed 2 attack.

I’m not sure how to share links to matches anymore since the browser version disappeared, but it should be the second most recent match saved on my profile.

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@CloudCuckooCountry this interaction is in Valerie’s section of the FAQ here: Yomi (second edition) gameplay FAQ



I keep forgetting about the order of abilities thing.

At which point, it is still an error if the yomiclient does not warn you about it not working, right? Like how it tells you that dodges does not work against attacks if you try to use one while being knocked down?

I do agree that the client should warn the player, but to be fair, comparing this situation to dodges on knockdown is not quite accurate because the ability is, technically, working.

For example, imagine if this were to happen:

:valerie: is hit by Chillbane. Next turn, :valerie: reveals a 2 attack and :gwen: reveals a 4 attack. If :valerie: does nothing, then :gwen:'s 4 attack out-speeds because :valerie:'s 2 attack is 4.4 speed after Chillbane. But, if :valerie: uses BoS, then her 2 attack speed is first reduced to 1.0 and then raised to 3.0 by Chillbane. Now :valerie: out-speeds and wins combat.

This is not a likely scenario, perhaps, but it is theoretically possible.

I think the better comparison to be made here is to DeGrey’s 7*. If you combat reveal the 7* and the revealed side wins combat, and then you try to discard and rotate, the game asks, “You’re already winning combat. Are you sure you want to rotate?” Because of that kind of precedent, arguably it is reasonable to assume that the game would similarly say something like, “You will still lose combat after using Burst of Speed. Are you sure you want to use it?”


Actually that’s… not quite right. One burst of speed would be sufficient.
I just realised I don’t fully know the interactions, but in your calculation here you’ve applied the slow twice.


Great way of putting it :smiley: :smiley:

Ah you are are correct! Late night posting means sleepy mistakes. I will correct it to a single BoS!

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I wanted to go into an explanation about exactly how it works, then realised it is a tad unclear if the 2 attack would be 2.4 or 3.0.
Some testing required, perhaps.

It would be 3. BoS moves it to 1.0. Then slow moves it to 3.0. You apply and resolve all of your own speed-effects first (which Val can only do down to 1.0), and then apply your opponent’s speed effects (+2.0 speed).


It would be nice if the cards that are banished were displayed somewhere, especially for spectators! I know that I’ve mentioned it before, too, but that came up tonight in a game I was playing so I thought I’d bring it up again. It’d be understandable if that didn’t get changed for a while - but I hope it gets changed eventually!


[quote=“Persephone, post:12, topic:573, full:true”]
Is the Yomi/Puzzle Strike unity client still running somewhere? I haven’t been able to find it since the new website.
[/quote] Actually, @MysticDeadman isn’t quite correct. I still play Yomi on the old in-browser Unity Client! And, I just used it to learn the basics of Puzzle Strike last week! You’ll find it if you head to although you’ll have to use a browser that actually supports that old unity plugin (I use Internet Explorer or Safari, depending on if I’m playing at work or not). Still works fine, to be honest!


Now EX Rook takes double dmg when using Diamond Armor. First when the opponent completes its combo, and again before DA can deal its dmg. So a simple 13 dmg combo is woth 26 dmg agianst EX rook!

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maybe is just me, but from time to time, when i spectate others playing, i see their decks blinged like mine. like this:

@MR75 does not have a full gold deck.

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Rulesless mode issues:

  1. Number of cards in hand indicator is not accurate.
  2. Somehow it was possible for me to have 2 Aces of Diamonds in my deck at once.
  3. Sometimes not able to see that opponent has played a card.
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The game sometimes (always?) has Gloria decide on overdose/bathed in moonlight before resolving Lum’s roll the dice. These three abilities have the same timing, so it seems like Gloria should be able to wait until after roll the dice to decide about her abilities.

Additionally, I wonder how this works in offline rules-pedant mode. Normally the player with priority can pass then the other player can also pass to deny the player with priority the opportunity to play any abilities. Does RTD work this way? Like, if Gloria has priority, Lum deals chip damage with J, and Gloria passes on overdose, can Lum pass on RTD to prevent any overdose from happening for the turn? or is RTD a mandatory thing, and is declining to flip over a card just one way of resolving RTD?