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Online Yomi development thread (2016)

Just the natural follow up from the old thread
I will just give feedback on the steam yomi.
So far the chat is awful, it should be always out, like in the online client and with more eye friendly colors (black letters on white BG would be peachy).
As it is, is hard to follow conversations, and use the chat as a game log (which cards have been played, revealed, etc).


Yeah the red glow background is sooo nasty to read! I would also like to continue to campaign for controller support to be added one day. I found it’s just about couch-playable with a Steam controller but proper pad support would be amazing.

The pad controls from Magic Duels of Planeswalkers would just about translate perfectly and just need a few tweaks I think. Obviously getting it to detect controllers and all that is probably a more complex thing though.

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This should probably be stickied.

Also, the leaderboards are down. Any ideas as to when they’ll be back up @Thelo?

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God, i hate how steam needs to click in the goddamn tab everytime for typing!
Yomi has no hotkeys, so why do not let the tab always selected hile during a match?

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It does for pass and okay, actually. If you hit enter, it should automatically select the chat. Just make sure you don’t have a pass or okay button active on screen when you do.


another thing. The steam client do not support kanji, copy/paste or links.
For the first prob, u cannot read the opponent username, nor it shows in the log.
I mean, u watch the chat and see u are the only one and quit, while maybe there are japanese/chinese/etc players that just do not appear.


Yeah, the CJK text (or even just non-ASCII) thing is apparently a pretty deep-rooted issue that would take a lot of work to fix, if memory serves from when we were working on the Japanese translation of Puzzle Strike.

@Thelo 2 users would need to merge accounts. @JonnyD with his old jonny D jonny D etc account, and @fluffiness with his fluffy(2) account, cuz they lost all the inscribed cards :frowning:

EX degrey moral mountain does not work. The card says is not joker escapable, but if blue burst avoid everything
EDIT: also against a perse, while i was MCd, she made me pay attack, she dodged and played A, failing activating a second MC O__o

Am I missing something, or is Splash of Color on Valerie’s K bugged? Whenever I win combat against a block through Splash of Color, the K uses two combo points. At all other times, Ks use one combo point, as shown on the card. I don’t see anything on the card that indicates Splash of Color would use an extra combo point.

I’ve tested it in Practice vs AI, and it seems to always work this way.


IS an old bug. SoC is meant to always use 1 combo point, tho.


Is the Yomi/Puzzle Strike unity client still running somewhere? I haven’t been able to find it since the new website.


The clients were closed with the old website due to declining browser support for Unity.

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One thing I’d like to see changed is in regards to Bathed in Moonlight. When a Jack is possible to be returned, I’d like the suit of the returnable card to be displayed. There could be some situations when a Gloria hits with multiple Jacks, but only wants to buy back non-hearts Jacks using Bathed in Moonlight, and this change would make it more clear to both players what’s going on - and allow for more precise Gloria-ing!


Yeah, this could be made more obvious. At the moment they are bought back in the reverse order to which you played them (ie right to left). So a throw combo might be 7H JC JH, and the client prompts to buy back in the order JH, then JC.


Maybe I’m misremembering, but I thought I played a game against Yomibot as Gloria where I bought back Jacks in a weird order. Neither last-to-first or first-to-last. It was, like, last, first, middle or something. :open_mouth: I could be way off, but I’ll try and see if I have a screenshot of it somewhere!

Also, another change that would be cool to see would be some space in the UI for banished cards to be displayed. It doesn’t need to be there all the time just waiting for a Menelker player to hack into someone’s match, :p, but it’d be nice to have that visible somewhere outside of the chat window - if not for the players then for the people who join a match late!

There’s an In-game link to in the front-menu screen which isn’t really right now.

I think the iOS app still links to the website leaderboards which no longer exist?

I really miss the old leaderboards in the iOS version. :cry:
It was great to be able to look at replays from players at the top of the rankings, especially to see how they play characters that I’m trying to get a handle on.

FWIW steam has the leadebords and replays.
The real problem is the very shitty chat (not possible to copy paste chat elements. not to mention one cannot open links in the chat)
PLus thet fact that no one is there :’(

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You can click the “Bathed in moonlight” prompt at the top to get a more detailed description of what’s going on, including the suit.

I agree that this could be better though.