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Sooo I bet a lot of people have been wondering, since the unity player will be being discontinued sometime soon, how are people going to play Flash Duel online?
I’m in the same camp!

Now I know that Flash Duel is probably the least played Sirlin game (of the three that were online) but I think it would be a shame to lose it. I did enjoy it and probably would play it more if it had more active players.

So, this is a question to @Sirlin and @Thelo and I guess @Leontes.
Will we get a steam version, or perhaps a different online implementation of Flash Duel?


Given that the existing online version didn’t even get a rules-enforced version of the 40-minus-5 card deck, I’m guessing that it’s going to remain fairly neglected, unfortunately.

Regardless of what happens with the online version, I still love FD and would play it by forum (although I don’t know how practical it would be to do so).

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What about adding it to Tabletopia? We could see if Codex is well-received there, then consider it.


That seems like a good option, honestly. Would it be easy to do? I’d love to play some 2v2 FD online.

I don’t think that non rule-enforced versions of games might have a public, even very small :confused:

Low risk but zero reward investment, let’s forgot it

I want “Flash Duel for iOS” now〜 !
Yeah, I will work translation to Japanese〜.
Plz ! Plz ! Plz !