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Hello I am new here…so i want list of new games…

What do you mean?


like, of anything? What do you like?


Do you want a list of Sirlin’s games that can be played online?


This will hopefully tickle your fancy, or … possibly rustle your jimmies.


yeah… i want racing game list

like racing and fighting game

okzz thanks

yeah sure …

Fighting games:

Also Tekken, Guity Gear, Blazblue, Skullgirls, and KOF 14 are all on steam. Oh yeah and that street fighter game.

Racing? I like Kart Racer. Sonic all stars transformed is actually really good. There’s a game called Redout that’s sort of like f zero that I have that I really dig but don’t have the power to play

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The best racing game I’ve played is TrackMania Nations Forever. It’s also free and on steam!
I also quite enjoyed Dirt 2, and I hear a lot of people like need for speed.

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okeeyy…i will try

Don’t ever force Tekken onto someone unless they actively want it. Studying frame data for litteraly thousands of moves is not my idea of fun. (Tho I do it anyway :’( )

tekken competitively is very unforgiving
tekken at a casual level is extremely fun and cool looking to mash and then slowly learn other moves so that you can mash them

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I still think it so weird to look at tekken on a casual level :stuck_out_tongue: but there are very cool animations in the game, and it is a lot more fluid motions than other fighters, since they are actively trying to animate the moves from start to finish.