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One day tournaments, fast timer, best of 3, ca$$ prize!?

Who got hype just now?

I was thinking I am playing to little Yomi lately. I was thinking Yomi had too much EV calculations (lets face it, maths don’t real), to many rounds of best of and too long timers!

And then I thought, what can I do about it? And the answer is pretty gosh darn simple: MAKE IT HAPPEN!

But isn’t Yomi dead? Well, lets throw some money at it. I recently came in the possession of … a job! I am earning money. I could spend a few Washingtons a month on a Paypal Gift card. Maybe even a Jefferson or two. Possibly a Lincoln. Enough contestants could lead to a Hamilton being spent as well.

So, let me repeat myself.

Who got hype?


I love fast timers! If the time is EU friendly, I’ll join if I’m free.


Free timers are the best. Since I am European, it probably would end up being eu-timezone-friendly, with an aim for having as many US players join as possible.

Currently, I think this would be a timeslot that could work? But nothing is set in stone quite yet.

I would try to make this, but it depends on the day things end up happening and if I’ve already made plans.

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I would definitely try to announce this so far in advance that people would be able to get 3-4 weeks to plan for it.


One-day Fast Timers are pretty great! I’m definitely interested, availability pending as always. The proposed time slot is pretty nice.


Daghburz-ishi makha gulshu darulu

(i use elvish black speech cuz the frigging char limit)

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I have been thinking about how much casharoos I am willing to put on the table, and I am willing to commit 25$ each month for each of the monthly tournaments I will be running this year. It is not “much”, but it is from my own pocket, so I don’t want to just destroy my personal economy either.

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if i win i am okay with a virtual hug as prize

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If someone for some reason don’t want their prize, I’ll just add it to next month tournament :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m certainly interested


So, regarding rules, I have been out of the loop recently, so I would like some feedback on things not thought of in my first thoughts

Fast timer
Best of 3
Only a contestant who lost is able to change character between rounds
Double blind pick
Rules enforced
Double KO is WIN for both players (in the case of a 2-2 result, deathmatch with same characters happen, where the first to deal damage wins, if both deal equal amount of damage to eachother, continue playing until someone has dealt more damage than the other player)
No collusion - evidence of collusion will result in a ban in future tournaments
Hands off, unless both players wants to play with them on.
Results will be logged and used for seeding in future tournaments.

Is there any rules I have forgotten to state?

usually DKO is no win for both. Even in QM if a DKO happens no star is awarded.

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I know, I believed it was the other way around.

But in my tournament series, it will be a WIN for both players ^^

Interest wanes.

@mysticjuicer sorry I’m backing out .


I mostly got this from the Topanda rules i found in older forum. What is controversial about this? The way I understand collusion is that 2 or more players try to influence the integrity of the tournament by meta-gaming the tournament tree in some way too ensure that they, or someone else gets part of the prize pot without actually placing high enogh to warrant prize money.

So, if my understanding of it is wrong, please let me know. This is the part where you are able to influence how the rules are being done.

So, what does collusion mean? And why should it not be banned / why should it be encouraged?

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Is just joke, sorry.


add emoticons, bro. I was scared/dumbfonded by that too.
I really believed for a moment u were planning to cheat someway :’(

Don’t be sorry <3 I’m just trying to take any feedback seriously since I’m putting my own money into this ^^

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The official Sirlin document says double kos should be a win for both the first time, then nothing any subsequent times.

Also the deathmatch idea is bad, just make it another game. It’s fast timer anyway.