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Old Newb with a Tier Question

Howzit all? I just got the uodated physical copy of Yomi and was wondering what the current tier chart of all characters looks like. I’ve heard people say there is a clesr top 4…but how dramatic is tge gap? Is tge low tier near unplayabke at tournement level? Etc…basic how’s the overall bala ce feel. I loomed at the bakance charts but was hoping for something nit so detailed and that i cohld just take in at a glance. Thanks

Fairly sure consensus top tiers are Troq and Zane, and then DeGrey and Geiger are often thought of as around the same level. I don’t think anyone’s unplayable - you can do very well in tournaments if you counter-pick your opponent with lower tier characters. Fivec regularly wins tournaments playing only Setsuki, and no one (as far as I know) considers her in the same tier as Troq/Zane/DeGrey/Geiger.

My opinion is that balance is good enough to make it an interesting game with a good variety of characters seeing play at the tournament level, though I’d prefer it if Troq and Zane were less good, and some of the rarely seen characters, like Jaina, were better.


I’d say the gaps are pretty small, although a few bad matchups and comparing the top to the bottom can make it seem otherwise.

Leontes won major with Midori. I’ve seen some scary Vendetta’s at a high level with Iamnobody, ryker, and enomus. fraa is a scary fish and even Raziek picked up BBB as a situational pick. LK404 did well with Gloria and sirhandsome managed to beat Thelo’s Troq at FSX with the same character.

To make the list shorter, I’ve seen every single character go far in tournaments. If you want consistent tournament success, you are better off maining a high tier and learning a few cps.

I don’t fear characters, I fear the players.


Yomi is a very balanced game (even more than Codex) at high level, but some matchups might seem quite frustrating for beginners (:argagarg: vs :onimaru: for example, where you need to completely change your strategy as :onimaru:).

Knowing your opponent is very important too : reading him, or even manipulating him; and not being readable… These skills make some people have crazy win rates with about any character.

That being said, I do think Zane (and maybe Troq) are overpowered. Mastering them is very easy, they have huge lifebar, crazy combos, tons of options, never get low on cards, have quick, non-risky, high reward moves and almost no drawbacks (no odd blocks for Zane and Troq’s innate).
But they still make tight and funny games, so they aren’t really god tier : )

Thanks for the replies. I forget that I’m no longer known by i guess most people here anymore. I’m quite familiar with Yomi and how it generally works… Knowing mu/opponets, counterpicks, etc. I played a ton years ago, ran tournaments online, was part of the playtezting for shadows, and so on. Circumstances pulled me away from the game before final development of shadows was complete and i havent played the finished product too much, especially not competitively. So, i was just curious what the current lay of the land was. So from what i gather it’s…

A - Troq, Zane (maybe Degrey and Geiger)
B - most of cast
C- Jaina, BBB, more?


Some would put Midori, Vendetta, and Rook in C tier as well. Setsuki and Grave could be considered A as well but behind the top 4.

I’d say:

A+ - Zane, Troq, Geiger, Degrey
A - Setsuki
B+ - Argagarg, Grave
B - Menelker, Lum, Onimaru, Valerie, Quince, Gloria
C+ - BBB, Gwen, Vendetta, Midori, Rook
C - Persephone, Jaina

The levels are close though and a small nudges to characters here and there would have some big impact. Characters like Lum and especially Onimaru would be higher if it weren’t for one character (devil fish).

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