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Not Dead Yet - A Yomi Tournament

Remember that time when Yomi died? NO YOU DO NOT. We’re still here and we’re gonna play while Rome burns! Prepare your bits for a tournament and sign up, my lovelies!

  • Format is best of 7 with standard counterpicks. First pick is double blind. Only the loser of the previous game can switch characters.
  • Double elimination
  • Medium timer
  • Each round will take one week, with deadlines being on Monday mornings.
  • Playing matches early is allowed, and, in the case of the Losers bracket, encouraged. I will facilitate conversations as they become available but feel free to jump the gun.
  • After each match, the winner should post a match report in this thread including the result and matchup of each game played. (The loser can do it too if ze wants.)
  • In a match where the initiative/timing rule is likely to become an issue, either player may ask to play by the rulebook (player with the least health has priority).
  • Ties do not count toward either player’s win total. If there is a tie, play the same matchup again, and include the tie in your match report.
  • I will create a private conversation for each match. Please resolve scheduling in those conversations so that, should adjudication be necessary, I will have something on which to base my decision.
  • If you would be willing to record/stream some matches, alert me and I will include you in scheduling conversations.

I have crossposted this in order to generate extra participants. However, I do not have the werewithal or good internet access necessary to handle this tournament on two fronts so if you’re interested in joining, be aware that I will require your match reports on MSS. The link to the thread is below.

Deadline to join is January 22nd.


I’m in.
10 characters

How could the Bright Lord be amiss? In!
Nan iChîr Gelair Mordor
Nin gostatha Gwaith ban a gellatha
EDIT: I am out then.

Just so everyone’s aware, I will require you to report your matches on MSS. My internet situation isn’t good enough for me to coordinate across 2 platforms.

I don’t think it is physically possible for me to not enter this tournament.

Btw, if you need a TA to help run this, I’m sure you just need to ask. If nothing else I’m willing to help.

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sorry mate, there is not a ghost of a chance that i go to the knock off site except in case of internet fart. I do not have an account there and do not plan on making one. I’d only accept convos here on, and would report here. Is not acceptable to have to undergo moderation from those who got a well deserved ban here.

That’s perfectly fine. I will remove you from the sign ups.

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I’m in. Let’s play some naked yomi…

Did you know that 95% of Canadians play video games naked? And that 12% of all statistics are made up?


I’d always suspected and now my musings have been confirmed! Also, just to be clear, I will be running this tournament from the Morningstar Sanctuary site so please join that site as well so you can report matches and so I can put you in touch with your opponents.

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Can’t wait for this