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Northern Virginia players/tournament interest?

I’m planning on being there around 1:00 PM.

Maybe. Saturday I need to figure out what I’m doing. Also depends on how my car makes out Friday in the shop.

Turns out I have a schedule conflict; have a good time tomorrow!

Make sure you guys take some pictures and let us know how many people show up. If you can get some decent interest flowing we might want to put you guys down as an FSX qualifier tournament!

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Thanks! I’ll do that, and post them up here. Hoping for a good chunk of players. How many are you looking for?

How many people are you expecting. It’s looking like my Armada tournament might fall through.

Not sure. Perhaps between six and ten? Hoping for more, so you’re definitely welcome.

This is at 1pm?

Correct. The plan is to meet at 1 PM at Curio Cavern.

Hope everything went well today. Hopefully I can make it next time.

Had six people, with a couple that had to call out. Gathered a fair bit of interest from passersby, so that’s a good sign. Now, for pictures!


Indeed. Was a good time.

Next weekend is basically free for me, if anyone is interested in a repeat.

I might be able to be down there by 1pm this upcoming saturday. Also might have a friend who wants to come. People staying about the same length of time this weekend? Into the 6-8 range?

I’d love to play again. I’ll see if I can get some of the other people who aren’t on the forums. Don’t know how long people will be able to stay, but I’ll stick around for as long as I can.

I’m tentatively planning to drive down with my teenage nephew, and would like some assurance others would be there.

I’m definitely going to be there, and two others have told me that they’re in, too. I should also have another one or two people that might show up, just to watch.

Sounds good to me; I will plan to be there at 1 o’clock tomorrow.

I should be in. Might be 1:30 but I’m planning on coming.

I’m glad I came down, and really appreciate everyone who graciously played with my nephew.

I have one question from our game, Deep6er. Where in the rules does it state Targeted abilities ignore the Patrol Zone? (particularly as the Lookout spot only works against Targeted Abilities). A search of the rules for ‘target’ didn’t turn up anything.

Also, Versatile Style would have been extremely handy verse Fire.