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No block meta/tournament idea

I woke up at 5 AM and I had a really dumb idea for a tournament. What if you couldn’t Block? Who is the best character?

DeGrey has a recurring Dodge, but that actually opens him up for more KD. You throw him and if he doesn’t have K or AA he’s eating mostly free damage.

Quince ALSO has infinite Pat Mirror potential cause you can literally play Attack/Dodge on Pat Mirror turns and Jack also becomes insanely good.

However even when Quince has Pat Mirror unblockables he still loses to Zane so is Zane the best. Zane doesn’t have to block for damage.

But Vendetta has a recurring K Attack you can’t block. 1.0 speed. His dodge follow up is also recurring. He has recurring attacks.

And then Jaina also has recurring Qs/Aces literally speedholing people into oblivion. And Menelker Q SPAM!?!?

so uhhhh thoughts on this dumb idea? Also who would be man enough to play this?



Yeah doesn’t Persephone just win the no-block meta outright?

Also I’m impressed you managed to come up with a meta where Rook is even sadder than the base game


You’re proposing a format that might rival Topdeck Showdown in skill, sign me up Jonny


I mean, if there are no blocks, then she has to hit w/ MC (3.0 speed), Power Lash (4.0) speed, or AA (0.4 speed) for knockdown. The first two basically anyone should be able to attack spam through, so it’s only once she’s got AA online that you’d need to worry.


My bet would be on Setsuki being #1


Yeah she probably doesn’t play too differently now that I think about it haha.

I might have some news next week. I’m going to pretty busy, but are you fine with one day tournaments?

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Honestly i do not thinks is a good idea. Grave’s and troq’s innate would mean squat, grapplers would be checkmated by just attack, rook would be mincemeat.
Edit: plus no BU and no bubble shield making arg trash. end edit
Only gwen and sets are viable in such format


I don’t think anyone would be able to go more than one day of this anyways =b