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New FFA Table talk

Sorry, I’ve been trying and failing to get Necromancers to work for me for quite a while, so I’m a bit sensitive about them.

@feathers What’s up?

Apologies on posting so late! Was on a day-long flight back home, unpacking and settling took up much of my time.

Sorry about DeGrey, I had an awkward draw that even Zane didn’t fix, and had to prop him down as a meat shield so I could get Boulder to Bob. On which note could you folk help do something against Dreamfire? He’s pretty safely nestled in the hero strat right now, with Training Ground in play and Double Time castable if he’s drawn it (which sounds like a tempting choice in an FFA and would end the game instantly before Bob could shore up). I had to get Bob’s Tech III down, but if you could spare Bob some more patrollers or deal with the Ground/Double Time threat that’d be great.


I’m flattered to be considered a threat, but do note that Double Time has forecast 3, and that my codex has no way to manipulate time runes.


Fair enough, another one of those things I managed to forget in a year. The fact that you have three combat-ready heroes out (and therefore protected against things like StW, Bugblatter, Judgment Day, Moment’s Peace), with Training grounds built, and access to Mind-Parry Monk still worries me a good deal, though.

@Shadow_Night_Black I’d already killed Nekoatl’s Drakk, did I forget to update the Board State?

Also, GG?

And you all thought I was a threat…

You were, until the nukes started flying your way. That’s the way of FFAs, always someone taking the fall so another could sweep in for the win. Suppose we could at least give Shadow the satisfaction of winning on his turn.

@Shadow_Night_Black does your turn change with Neoaktl’s Drakk gone already?

Yes it does, Im just thinking about who else I can knock down given that half of you look ready to win before my next turn…

@Nekoatl, turn has been adjusted, your turn!

@feathers Thank you for providing my Bone Collector an attack target that doesn’t bring Bob closer to losing.

@Dreamfire assuming you don’t win this turn, do you have a way to ensure Shadow doesn’t win or at least generate a wide life lead on his turn?

So… is it a good thing to kill Shadow’s PGCs?

Edit: @feathers just saw your post. Don’t worry about me winning, but there’s also little I can do to stem Shadow’s tide of exploding pirates.

@Dreamfire You have a way to kill both his PGCs?

Just one (more chars)

Well, if they’re not killed, I’m pretty sure he’s going to win in the near future, but it’s your call…

@Dreamfire hold on, don’t post your turn yet. I’m checking.

@Dreamfire do you have Grappling Hook in your hand?

I was going to use it to kill your Rook, sorry… It’ll save me some gold that I need to heal my base / protect my heroes.

@Dreamfire are you aware that even if you kill one PCG, Shadow is most likely able to suicide 9~10 units on his turn, putting everyone else down 9 health then dealing an additional 9 to a base of his choosing, at 20 health himself? Considering this would you be willing to cooperate using Grappling Hook?