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New FFA Table talk

I don’t have bees? you thinking of dreamfire? make a tower, then they die when they attack you, much less attractive a target :stuck_out_tongue:

And I only have 9 Stingers at the moment, proving Shadow’s point :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Bob199 your Crash Bomber should be down to 1 health from Grave’s sparkshot

@Nekoatl unfortunely Orpal’s max band only triggers onthe first unit to die eact turn with a -1/-1 rune, so you can’t have it spread twice.

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@Nekoatl my FFA spreadsheet says that (prior to your turn) holytispon only has one Crash Bomber, in SQL and at full health.

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Fixed my post. Thank you both for pointing out the errors, and hopefully there are none left.


Bob, isn’t your base on 17?

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You’re correct

@holytispon you take 2 damage from my Crashbomber due to hotter Fire.

Btw please use @ when mentioning players

Right, I’ve edited my turn to reflect it.

I find it kind of confusing with all the tags on players’ turns but I’ll use @ if that’s easier for other people. No problem.

@holytispon Nekoatl’s base was at 16 HP prior to your turn, so should be at 14 at the end of it.

Also, I think you may have just set up Shadow’s win…

What, me with my 2 cards in hand and everytime a unit dies on my turn me taking 1 damage? not really.

All it takes is one of those two cards being a Liberty Gryphon. Or does that leave you exactly 1 damage short?

That would give me 15 damage to kill bob yes, but I would need to heal twice to be higher base health then HolyTispon, and that is 11 gold, 1 more than I have, unless I am missing something?

I hope not :no_mouth:

Not sure why I had it at 18 then. I probably would have targeted Shadow’s base instead for one of these points of damage. But so it goes I guess

Reading back, you’re the one that hit him down to 16, by breaking his tech 3 :wink:

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Right, I just didn’t update my spreadsheet. I hate this format.

I would love to try a FFA game IRL, but it’s hard enough for me to find even one person to play my physical copy with.

I’ve played FFA in real life, which has the advantage of having a single board state, but the forums have the advantage of making it easier to see what’s in play. In real life, with so many cards that tend to be farther away than in a 2-player game, you almost have to get up and walk around the table to know exactly what the situation is. I’m honestly not sure which I prefer.


Personally, the forums drive me nuts even in a 2 player game. I never considered myself a visual player but constantly have to cross reference codexcarddb and I constantly miss things.