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New FFA Table talk

@Shadow_Night_Black - didn’t you just use the Jav rune?

Nope, he is a skeleton so has long range from archery, he just has a fondness for that old javelin he still carries around though :stuck_out_tongue: (might be useful some day :slight_smile: )


People still afraid of me when Shadow Dreamfire has 10 BEES locking everyone down lol

I don’t have bees? you thinking of dreamfire? make a tower, then they die when they attack you, much less attractive a target :stuck_out_tongue:

And I only have 9 Stingers at the moment, proving Shadow’s point :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Bob199 your Crash Bomber should be down to 1 health from Grave’s sparkshot

@Nekoatl unfortunely Orpal’s max band only triggers onthe first unit to die eact turn with a -1/-1 rune, so you can’t have it spread twice.

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@Nekoatl my FFA spreadsheet says that (prior to your turn) holytispon only has one Crash Bomber, in SQL and at full health.

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Fixed my post. Thank you both for pointing out the errors, and hopefully there are none left.


Bob, isn’t your base on 17?

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You’re correct

@holytispon you take 2 damage from my Crashbomber due to hotter Fire.

Btw please use @ when mentioning players

Right, I’ve edited my turn to reflect it.

I find it kind of confusing with all the tags on players’ turns but I’ll use @ if that’s easier for other people. No problem.

@holytispon Nekoatl’s base was at 16 HP prior to your turn, so should be at 14 at the end of it.

Also, I think you may have just set up Shadow’s win…

What, me with my 2 cards in hand and everytime a unit dies on my turn me taking 1 damage? not really.

All it takes is one of those two cards being a Liberty Gryphon. Or does that leave you exactly 1 damage short?

That would give me 15 damage to kill bob yes, but I would need to heal twice to be higher base health then HolyTispon, and that is 11 gold, 1 more than I have, unless I am missing something?

I hope not :no_mouth:

Not sure why I had it at 18 then. I probably would have targeted Shadow’s base instead for one of these points of damage. But so it goes I guess

Reading back, you’re the one that hit him down to 16, by breaking his tech 3 :wink:

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Right, I just didn’t update my spreadsheet. I hate this format.