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New FFA Table talk

@Bob199 I hate pitting brother against sister, but your board was getting scarier than everybody else’s combined, so something had to be done.

@Shadow_Night_Black I heard you last game. What do you say we take turns eating Bob’s base damage, in the mutual interest of keeping the Blood engine from getting out of hand?

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All I was doing was farming mercs & skeletons. I wasn’t hurting anyone!

That I can do, if there are any left by my turn.

…Bug blatters are the worst… Note to self, Take [Finesse], Growth, Past next time so that bugblatters are not the worst things in the world…

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They aren’t bad if you’re a pacifist :peace_symbol:

@Bob199 - Shadow has already killed my SQL wisp so you can go for my
scav if you want (please don’t though)

Also, Bob, if you don’t mind writing the full names of the cards that would be helpful. It let’s autocard do its thing but also I don’t know what you’re talking about half the time. Ironwood - that’s Ironbark Treant? help a brother out, I already suffer from severe dislexia with forum games and with four boards to keep up with, I barely know what’s going on.


Yeah, you just let people hurt themselves :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yea, bob confuses the hell out of me half the time too. I love my precious autocard.

I will admit to killing bobs things partly because I don’t know exactly what they are :stuck_out_tongue:


Before I do my turn, I’m waiting for a response from Bob regarding my Wisp… should I assume he just took out my scav wisp?

He updated his post to indicate that, but just didn’t mention it in the table talk.

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Yes Panda ate the scavenger Wisp, and it was tasty


@Dreamfire, I can’t kill his Bugblatter (even worse it makes my everything dies cards REALLY BAD), I can either do the sensible play and ask for you to kill the bugblatter (I can’t even get close, but I can help to clear things out if needed), or I can go on the fun but stupid plan of making Bob regret playing bugblatters (and probs finishing this game really quickly with one of us dieing… )

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I’m curious what the fun but stupid thing is… but yeah, if you could clear out even part of the way that would be helpful.

Edit: just to be clear, if you kill even just the SQL, I’ll kill the Bugblatter.

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The stupid thing is to copy his bugblatter with quince then start going on a sac the weak rampage to do massive damage to both of our bases… I’ll keep it as a back up for the future :slight_smile:


Or you could just not kill units for a while. How difficult is that?

Giving the Blood, Blood + truth players a chance to build a board??? Nah, you’re all scary enough without boards, let alone with one!


@nekotal, you left your base wide open. Bob’s just going to walk all over that.

@dreamfire, make sure to trim the health on Bob’s base with your stingers when it’s your turn.

Feel free to lend patrollers, if you’d like.

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I’m doing my best to stem the tide, but it would be helpful if everyone pulled their weight :roll_eyes:

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Sorry, my legs were cut out from under me and it’ll take a minute or two to recover.