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MysticJuicers historical matchupchart - unexpected numbers

So, MysticJuicer has been working effortlessly with this for YEARS now. So, how does the stats work out with our understanding of the game?

Especially I was surprised by the perceived top tiers





All of them have negative win/loss results.

On the other hand, two of the perceived worst characters are the highest numbers on the list.



How come? Am I somehow misunderstanding the chart? If not, I think these numbers are very interesting. Even if the numbers are obviously a lot lower on the Jaina and Persephone compared to the top tiers, but if a character is bad a character is bad, even it has dedicated good players playing them - especially since there should also be dedicated good players playing the good players as well, right? There might be a higher number of not-so-good players just picking top tier characters and losing with them, but then again, if a top tier is a top tier, they should end up getting more wins just because of the fact that they are a top tier.

What are your thoughts about it @mysticjuicer - excell spreadsheet extraordinaire, am I not understanding these numbers? Am I misusing them?

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Simplest possible explanation is, bad players like me ruin the stats on good characters like Zane. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, depending on your thoughts on the relative merits of Zane vs Persephone), you’re reading the numbers wrong. If you look at the numbers on the far right of the chart (i.e. the rows) then what you are seeing is “the win percentage of this character vs the rest of the cast.”

If you look at the numbers at the bottom of the chart (i.e. the columns), then the numbers mean “the win percentage of the rest of the cast vs this character.” As you can see, the numbers are complements to eachother.

So put another way, Zane wins 56% of games against the rest of the cast, and the rest of the cast wins 44% against Zane, etc.


That explains it :wink: at which point, the chart confirm the perceived tiers pretty well. But they are still within a good enough margin to make them all fairly balanced. No character either wins or loses more than 5.6 -4.4 of their matches. Not that that excludes the game from having worse matchups of course, but it is still pretty cool ^^