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More Stuff (to buy)

Lately I’ve been buying a lot less new games but have instead focused on upgrading my games with fancier sleeves and storage solutions. I’ve found upgrading my existing games is a better investment then gambling on lots of new games. One thing I’d really like though is more things to buy for Codex to both support my local hobby shop and Sirlin Games. One thing I’d love for Codex to have is non-gaming related booster packs (like those Yomi digital boosters). What I’d like to see in the boosters is:

Alternate art cards for all the various tech 0 - III cards

Derpy skeletons and serious frogs (just have derpy to serious mirror for all token cards)

possibly full bleed art

Foil Ultimates and Tech III

Hero cards that have a “wounded” full art on the back

Alt art worker cards would be fun and probably give the most room to go full goofy to maximum serious

any other ideas you can come up with

This would probably require the game being more popular then it is now but I’d really enjoy it. It would be nice to be able to throw $10-$20 at Codex whenever I go have a game session at the local hobby shop (providing those charlatans actually carry the boosters).

Would just be fun to be able to personalize a deck even more and would add a social component in trading cards. So yeah, let me throw money at your game.


One skeleton option: googly eyes applied to the sleeves for your token cards


After thinking about it a bit more I’m starting to think something like this would be necessary for any game that wants to compete with or dethrone MtG. Game stores are the ones that push games on people and they tend to push games that have a lot of product they can sell them. Therefore, Codex Boosters (please).

Arena card packs

Fuzz Cuddles / Plague Lord / etc plushies

Alt art codices / playmats / etc


I cant see this making profit for Sirlin Games.

That’s the problem. The games isn’t big enough but it would be awesome if it was. For the game to get bigger it would be really good to have hobby shops pushing the game. It’s some what of a catch 22.