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More Niggling Things

Yo, let’s go for round 2 of petty complaints!! P.S. Please don’t ban me, Sirlin. This post is for entertainment purposes only.

  • Why can Entangling Vines take out a Tech III unit? Like almost every other ability in this game specifies that it doesn’t affect Tech III units, except like, maxband abilities, ult spells, and other tech III targeting abilities. Like it’s fine for Prynn’s maxband to target any unit because it’s a maxband ability. But Entangling Vines is just a REGULAR SPELL. WHY CAN IT IMMOBILISE A TECH III!!! I mean sure, Arrest can disable a Tech III, but disable is, like, temporary…

  • Why can’t Fairie Dragon target tech 0s? I mean sure, turning a 0/1 wisp into a 3/1 flier is strong, but it’d be hardly the most stupidly powerful thing in this game at Tech II by a long margin.

  • Why is the Anarchy Tech III just a strong-ass unit?! The Pirate Gunship is literally just a super-powerful dude that you put on the field and attack with. That’s way too BORING and STRAIGHTFORWARD for a spec named ANARCHY. imo Sanatorium seems like a more in-flavour endgame. It’s just too bad that it kinda sucks. Suggestion: Anarchy Tech III should be Sanatorium with Haste and extra bonuses, or some such nonsense.

  • Where do the Sharks even come from? WHERE DO THE SHARKS EVEN COME FROM?!

  • Why do Tech IIs that don’t stack their abilities exist? Why would you ever need to tech more than one Slow-Time Generator or Second Chances?

  • Why does Porkhand Magistrate draw a card? Disabling your own unit is too bad to justify drawing you a card and drawing your opponent a card is too bad to justify disabling a unit of theirs!

  • If a Crashbarrow is a less-makeshift Makeshift Rambaster… then what’s a Rambaster?

  • How did the Blood Anarchs manage to recruit/capture/train a huge fire-breathing dragon anyway?

  • Why is Shadow Blade in Demonology? I know I’ve said this before, but shouldn’t it be in Disease? I thought forcing discard was Disease’s thing.

  • So the Air Hammer is a half-bird/half-man and the Rambasa Twins are half-tiger/half-man… but the blue Tech IIIs are all gryphons, which are half-bird/half-lions… but tigers, birds, and humans all exist as individual species…


  • Actually, going back to the Cinderblast Dragon… aren’t dragons supposed to be transformed martial artists in this universe?

  • Why don’t the pandas in this game wear clothes? Lum wears clothes.

  • Why aren’t the Soldier tokens that Onimaru summons Clockwork Soldiers? That was like his thing in Yomi.

  • How does Jurisdiction even work when Bigby plays another hero’s spells? Like, if I Jurisdiction out a Reversal, Bigby I guess figures out how to do a shoryuken for a split second and then forgets immediately afterwards?!

  • Why are the options on Versatile Style weirdly specific? Grave is apparently versatile enough to disable a flying unit, but not a unit on the ground for some reason?! (Yes, I know Reversal can be used to disable a ground unit, but it’s a totally different card. Grave is still going in being like, yeh, Immabout to do some versatile things to that flier, but oh I can’t do anything to that ground unit because my versatile style isn’t versatile enough to take it out without doing a shoryuken, which I can’t do because I guess I didn’t tech it in and teched in Versatile Style instead?!?!?!?!)

  • Reversal can target flying units, so I guess Grave’s shoryuken is enough to have him leap into the air high enough to punch birds and shit…? …? …?

  • How does a giant gosh darn Octopus fit into the Present theme?

  • How does disabling units fit into Present? Present is like an aggro spec?! Disabling units is a control thing…?

The End.



That’s all folks.

Game over. Thanks for playing.



Thanks for a great laugh CCC!

It’s a surprise!


re: entangling vines: Rook always brings his grippies


Maybe the Fire tech 3 is Jaina in dragon form?


I thought it was the other way around?

Does the word “Demonology” niggle or bother anyone? At first, I think it’s a perfect name for the Demonology spec: Big dudes, Harder to summon but Harder to Kill: Terras Q, and Zarramonde. But my wife pointed out that why I have cards about Demonology. I said it’s just a game. After that, I think it bothers me a little that I have hesitation when I say and write “Demonology”.

What does this even mean?

“pointed [it] out, [asking] why I have cards about demonology”

Yes. just what @Bomber678 phrased it

Even if you believe demons are real, these ones are fake.

edit: I don’t mean that to be facetious or sarcastic btw. Codex has lots of things in it that would go against certain kinds of religious beliefs (magic, kidnapping, mind control, etc) but it’s a card game.


Speaking of, why would a demon queen go by the name Vandy? Also, Anadrose sounds like Andross.

This one takes the cake.

My personal thoughts on the sharks from Surprise Attack: When Zane wants to do said surprise attack, he chucks two barrels that contain the sharks at his target, Donkey Kong-style. They break open in a splash of water, and, well…the sharks devour their victims, along with any “precious plans” they had.


It also explains why the sharks die at the end of the turn.


They survived unharmed, so I feel less bad about this link, but it still fairly terrifying. Watch at your risk.

Surprise Shark

I don’t think Brick Thief is after what I made after watching that.

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I’ll answer some of the pertinent questions:

SHARKS: Meanwhile, in Gotham City Bank:

SECOND CHANCE: Some people need second chances to get their Second Chance.

PORKHAND MAGISTRATE: Target your illusions, which already attacked as copies of hasted units, so Quince can make more illusions to repeat.

RAMBASTER: Zane knows, but he ain’t telling.

TRAIN DRAGON: Gold. Lots of it.

SHADOW BLADE: The same attack that Morrigan uses in Darkstalkers. Succubus = Demon.

AIR HAMMER: This is best left unanswered.

REVERSAL HEIGHT: Street Fighter II - Rainbow Edition.


Upon taking a closer look at the Shark tokens’ art, they seem to emerge from small wooden pools. Looks like the Bloodguard put them into tanks, possibly on wheels?


…okay that’s p sick.


What does FInal Showdown Midori do with the card he draws when he attacks? Is not merely a Hero Card within Codex, but actually playing his own game of Codex within the game of Codex? Is that why he has to land on opponent’s turns?