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Moment's Peace card

  1. when green plays this card he can attack in this turn?
  2. Heroes can patrol?
  3. Enemy heroes can attack?
  4. Can the properties of creatures be applied? (for example, turn card - damage a creature or building)
  5. What happens in this case, when triggered by the property on arrival, such as Bamstamper Lizzo : “Arrives: Deal 3 damage to a unit.”? Will it work?
  6. Сan Buildings apply their properties? like the Firehouse?
  7. Can you deal damage, or destroy creatures with spells? (for example, A Fire Dart or Maximum Anarchy)

As a general rule, a Codex card only does exactly and explicitly what it says. In other words, your units can’t patrol, and opposing units can’t attack you, but your heroes can patrol, opposing heroes can attack, abilities remain valid, etc. etc.

(It’s not a very useful card if the opponent is playing Fire, as a result)


you can even attack with your units then apply Moments peace at the end of your turn.

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You don’t even have to wait till end of turn. Your units can attack as much as they like, they just can’t patrol.


ah, can you tell I’ve literally never used this card before?