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Missing Card(s?) Question


After following Codex’s development for years and whining at my husband since its release, I was overjoyed when that amazing recent sale allowed the Deluxe Set to finally fit in our budget. The game is as wonderfully polished and deep as expected (we’re huge Yomi and Puzzle Strike fans). Unfortunately, our set is missing its second copy of Moss Sentinel. I suggested we simply proxy it, but my husband is pretty adamant that the prized centerpiece of our game collection be whole and complete.

Anyway, my question is as follows: are Shark tokens an actual physical component of the game? If so, we’re missing those as well. It makes sense that they might not exist, as tokens are more or less unneeded in the case of something that cannot last more than a turn and thus doesn’t really require tracking. It seems like the sort of fat that Mr. Sirlin might have trimmed.

I wanted to verify whether we’re missing just one card or three, before contacting ShipNaked for redress.

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shark tokens do exist. u should have 2 of them
EDIT: just checked my red codex. red has 3x pirate tokens and 2x shark tokens


Just so you’re clear, the “tokens” are cards. They never go into your deck, and they say token on the back. Most do last more than a turn. Only ones with “Ephemeral” last a single turn.

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I’m not sure exactly who you should talk to about that, but I know back when Codex was new people who had missing components could contact the shipping company for a replacement. Maybe @Leontes would be able to help?

Thank you very much.

Guess all that’s left to to complain to ShipNaked AGAIN.

We’ve had defects in three previous Sirlin games. One of our Puzzle Strike sets was misaligned on the chips. Our first Pandante travel set was printed on the wrong paper stock (flimsy and damaged after the first shuffle). And our first Zane Yomi deck had incisions in a number of cards and weird indents on the card backs.

Honestly, with all the problems we’ve had, it’s a testament to the strength of Mr. Sirlin’s games that we’re still loyal customers. But sheesh, his manufacturer has dropped the ball across four of our orders now. It’s somewhat astonishing.


@desiderata I’m well aware. I’m not sure where I gave the impression that I neither have seen my own cards or know the rules of the game.

My point was that Surprise Attack can be, in some ways, treated as a burn spell as it has no need to indicate the presence of additional units across turns.

EDIT: Heck, I referred to the tokens as cards in the original post…


Okay, and we’re done here.

I understand that you were trying to be helpful. I bristle a bit at being patronized to- something I’ve experienced in gaming spaces for many years. For some mysterious reason, my husband has never had to deal with that sort of thing. How strange.

Nevertheless, I know that there was no malice in your response. Please have a lovely evening, with condolences for any hurt feelings my reaction engendered.


Good luck in your customer service issues.

If you ever want to ignore all those physical game problems, feel free to join us in forum-based games :slight_smile:


Thank you! That’s a great idea; our two-person meta is likely to get a bit stale after awhile. :wink:

EDIT: whoops, still getting used to this forum’s interface. Didn’t actually “Reply.”

Thank you! That’s a great idea; our two-person meta is likely to get a bit stale after awhile. :wink:

Your invitation is appreciated!

I would also encourage you to check out some of the tournament games for tricks you can use to completely overwhelm your spouse.

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my physical copy had a bad playmat, they replaced it stat.
Do not worry :wink:

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@Valkayrie if both u and your spouse are interested, there is this about to start:

Oh my. Hopping into a tournament this immediately is rather daunting… but I’m game! I’ll pass this along to Salrane as well.

(Since I’m going to be participating in a tournament, I switched to my gaming handle. Apologies for any confusion.)