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Michigan visit

Hi I plan on visiting Michigan about 9/19-24 around the Flint area and I think I will have some free days. Since I noticed that there are a fair number of people from in this area, any idea of having a get together? Primarily interested in playing Codex. Thanks.

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If I weren’t in Taiwan, I’d be up for it. If you’re looking for food suggestions, lmk what you like

I live about an hour south but I should definitely be around those days! Most of the LGSs I’m familiar with are in my area (Metro Detroit).

Ok I can make it down there. What nights are best?

Remind me to reopen this thread next summer when my wife and I are visiting her family in Ypsilanti : O


Basically any evening works out! I’ll send you a PM with my phone number and we can figure stuff out when you get here.

MadKing has my number. I live near him in Detroit and would love to get in on a Codex game night.

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Update! This Wednesday and Friday from 5:15 pm on, I’ll be meeting up with @Alhazard at Get Your Game On in Ferndale! If other Michigan players are interested in coming by feel free to! I know @Archon will be there on Wednesday. I’ll be bringing my Purple Codex cards and my Yomi decks.



I’m soooo disappointed. I’m in Florida until the 28th. Don’t have too much fun.

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All the fun will be had!
I’m looking forward to meeting @Alhazard and seeing @MadKing again (GenCon was good times…)
I will be bringing my Codex Deluxe.
I’m in the process of sleeving all my cards.
@GRAG DO IT!!! PM me and I’ll give you my number (or get MadKings, he’s more active on forums here & has mine too). Looking forward to it (~40m from Ypsi)

I plan to message backerkit about this (per email instructions), but one of the cards I received (only opened half of them so far) is severely damaged (there is a chunk missing from my Bashing - Neutral - Worker…) Backerkit distribution email said to message them if you receive any damaged product, but this seems like more of a manufacturer issue (1 card out of ~400 so far).

So far, Red & Green are sleeved, plus neutrals, maps, & tokens … (not sure if I will stay up late enough to sleeve all 6 Codex-si)… What is the plural of Codex? Codexi, Codex-si, Codexy (all or which are way more fun than Codexes).

P.S. #WineDrunkSleeving!!!
P.P.S #NathanielRateliffOnRepeat (I need never get old)

P.P.P.S. #MakeBlueGreatAgain


The official Latin informed plural is “Codices” which I think sounds pretty good

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I wanna say that at some point in the old forums, Word of God established that because “Codex” is the trademark, the official plural is the etymologically iffy (though acceptable in modern English) “Codexes”

On the other hand, I once got bored and called up the makers of Mentos and asked what the singular was (“Mento? A piece of Mentos? Some sort of weird irregular plural situation, like Menta?”) and they had to take my number and call me back to let me know that they had checked, and the singular of “Mentos” is also “Mentos.”


So the plan I have is every Wednesday to hold Codex gatherings at GYGO Ferndale, with Yomi if anyone is interested. @Archon has already said he’s interested in showing up on Wednesdays. Any/all Michigan players are more than welcome to come by!


FYI the address for GYGO in Ferndale is 200 W Nine Mile Rd, Ferndale, Michigan 48220. Get Your Game On. I see the plan is every Wednesday but what time? Do you want a commitment from people to show up on Wednesdays? I’m interested to see how well I could play without a “rules enforced” version!

I’m more interested in Yomi right now, but I could be enticed to learn Codex if you need a fourth or sixth, etc.

I can also make my house available in Bloomfield Hills if that works better. It has the added advantage of chicken wings and a large table!


So, are the Wednesday nights at GYGO still on? If so, what time? Congrats on your TOPANDA top eight slot if that’s appropriate! Looking forward to meeting you and other Michigan players. ✮
PS. I promise not to show up with chicken wing grease on my fingers!

NOTICE: This week’s gathering is being moved to tomorrow (Thursday, October 6th). Next week Wednesday should still work!

Reminder granted!

We actually probably won’t be visiting America this summer, and might not visit Michigan this year at all : 0