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Meta decks and their common practices

I’m out of the loop and would like to get back in the loop quickly. Could some one in the know give a run down of the current top meta decks and the things they typically do?

Things like common build order/s and what the deck is usually aiming to do would be great information for any one looking to get up to speed on the meta.


I’m not an expert but let’s feed the forum :stuck_out_tongue:
Black starter seems predominant in competitive play for the moment. The meta isn’t set at all thought.

  1. [Demonology]/Necromancy/Finesse : no multi-colour penalty, awesome versatility and ok synergies.

Graveyard is a good card ressource for Finesse virtuoso rushdown, Discord can help summoning Terras Q in some matchups and summoning Grounded Guide with Garth’s maxband can worth the try. There aren’t any awesome synergy, just play around good cards (Bone Collector, spells) and you have many no-Tech-II gameplans to use if any problem.

  1. [Black Starter]/Fire/Any

@cstick played this deck during RACE #3. Graveyard and Lobbers are good in themselves, and black starter versatility does the last.

  1. [Past]/Peace/Anarchy

Some fun synergies. Battle Suits is a great add to Peace unit’s gameplan, and should allow you to survive for Tech III Anarchy.

  1. Mono-White

Rook’s opening is strong against some decks, and 3 heroes strategy can be very difficult to face without flying units, deathtouch or Doom Grasp. Quite good versatility too.

  1. Mono-Black

Awesomely versatile. StW can defeat flying Tech III units without paying for Resist, Metamorphosis and Thieving Imp can cause problems to some decks and drawing abilities (Graveyard, Skeletons, Dark Pact…) are awesome. The starter deck has no really bad card, and the spec spells are really good. Don’t use Disease and Orpal too often thought.

  1. Any deck with Strength+Growth

These two specs have ok synergy, and as some decks can’t remove MoLaC it can be ok. Black starter allows Jandra for maximum Legendary but it’s often better considering Anarchy or Blood because haste/MoLaC relation.


I don’t think that #2 counts as a meta deck. I do think that my deck ([Demonology]/Fire/Balance) is as good as many of the decks on this list, but in order for something to count as a meta deck, more than one person has to be playing it. I haven’t seen anyone else playing this combination, or anything else with Fire and the black starter, successfully in recent tournaments.

I think that [Demonology]/Necromancy/Finesse and Mono-Black are similar enough to lump into the same bucket, with the differences between them being noted in the description. Similarly, I think that [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse should be lumped in with Mono-White.

One deck that seems notably absent from this list is [Necromancy]/Blood/Truth.


This is a pretty good start but I was thinking more concrete information would be most helpful.

To give an example of what I was looking for would be:


First tech
2x Overeager Cadet

Second tech
0rigin Story

Third tech
2x Steam Tank

And so on. And then maybe a sentence or two on what the build is ultimately trying to do. Such as stalling to Gunship or whatever the case may be. More then one common build order for each deck would be handy as well.

With this kind of information players could think about what their deck could do to counter the common plays.

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Hey there! I’ve been too busy to finish the reference sheets for the monocolors, but I’m planning to make some for multicolors as well in the future. So while I can’t help you yet, once other people answer I can make sure that other people won’t have to ask for the same info anymore.

In other words, I’m following this like a hawk that only checks once a day because he’s too busy.


Legion’s Preposterous Lesson about [Past]/Peace/Anarchy

Meow! I mean, hello. Just my 2 cents about this awesome combination developed by @EricF
First things first, Clan, the great thing about it is that it has not a standard build.
Is an highly adaptive deck that can counter and even prevent all strategies forcing really bad trades.
Prynn: great for Origin story (defuse ultimate spells and dangerous maxb), Temporal research (she can always search 2 cards if needs to) and Her maxband for removing 2 patrollers outta the way.
Zane: The only hero with haste, can move patrollers, get extra cash+card and summon Sharks for totally unexpected burst.
Oni: His booth camp has great sinergy with the hardened mox. I once saw Ericf getting a 6/5 mox! OMG!!! He can also use that to pump units/heroes after they attack, or sideline a patroller. Booth camp is definetly a jack of all trades for a cantrip (1 cost and lets u draw 1 card). his other spells are mostly situational. playing him P1T1 he is a real pain in the neck since his frenzy allows him to dispatch of strong heroes like vandy.

The most common strategy is a set up for a Peace tech II while battle suits in in play.
Cadets 2/2 cost 0, vystari 2/2 cost 1, seer 2/1 cost 1 all get the bonus from BS and allow to fast cycles while bestowing cheap runes to the drill sergeant.

General tech choices: T2: Brave Knight+booth camp(especially if u summoned mox)/stewardess of the undone (especially against black starter to neutralize Jandra or annoying tokens)
T3: Garrison+cadet(seer if our opponent uses past/purple starter)
T4: Garrison+cadet(if you need chea units)/Sergeant (if your economy allows you to actually manage giving him some runes after summoning him)
T5 and onward: Cheap units or spells you think you will need.
Usually the plan is exploit the combo Garrison+Drill S+nullcraft for a hasted flying unit that can deal the finishing blow. Otherwise build insane walls of cheap units rune empowered by the Drill S and obliterate the opponent.

If one suspects that he would not be allowed the time for hotwire the Peace engine then Anarchy is the spec of choice, turning the game into a Tech Race toward the pirate gunship.
I am no expert in anarchy :’(
That said:


Current meta of successful decks is:

Peace (often backed up with purple starter), just getting value and good trades, finishing with garrison/drill sergeant/cadets.

Metamorphosis, with almost any set of other heroes.

Bird’s Nest, with ways to buff the birds.

Crashbarrow, with graveyard and/or Quince to re-play and copy them.