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Merry Xmas from FaceOnMars

Merry effin’ Xmas from FaceOnMars,

This is the only thing I have to give in this forum for Xmas.

Album by FaceOnMars’ old band. We won best Detroit Rock Recording 1992 from the Detroit Music Awards! Some of it is emabarassing, some of it isn’t. This means I am old now but still kicking. It’s OK if you don’t like it. We were trying alot of different things at the time. I did keyboards, horn arrangements, string arrangements and wrote 2 songs.

I much prefer salt to sugar.


Oh it’s not that bad :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks and gratz, some of these songs are truely great !

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I am at work right now, but remind me to listen to these later. Merry Christmas FOM!