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Menelker in Codex…?

I seem to recall having heard, ages ago, that there were plans to make Menelker a Codex hero, but with a twist of some sort. Now that the game is out and by all means finalized, would anyone in the know be willing to share what the plans once were for him?

IIRC i red somewhere that Mene was more likely to be a Legendary unit rather than a hero (like degrey).

Disclaimer - vague second-hand information:

The idea was floating around that Menelker/Deathstrike Dragon (and Persephone) are too powerful individuals to operate on the same level as other heroes.
This was to be addressed by Meneleker being your ONLY hero if you picked him. He would control 3 speccs in some way I don’t know know whether he would have his own unique speccs or if he would pilot any multicolor decks.

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Hrm…wonder if something along the following lines could work for a Menelker designed to pilot any combination of Specs?

Startband: Menelker can cast non-ultimate spells associated with any Color or Spec without paying extra.
Midband: Two Lives.
Maxband: You may play Tech II units from any of your Specs.

Which would give a lot of flexibility, with spells and T2 units available from all 3 specs – but at the cost of only having one hero body and having to be heroless for any turn after he died.


it’s a secret to everybody