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May I recommend a side of yomi to go with your dish?

Someone in the discord said “Yomi server” and my mind went “Yomi Characters, but in waiter/waitress outfits”.

Thus, here is my guess at what a yomi character staffed restaurant would be like:

Grave: “My service improves everyday.”
Jaina: flips table when customer complains
Geiger: “You can’t get back spilled soup, or can you?”
Arg: serves soup from afar with stretchy arms
Setsuki: lightning fast service “Someday, I’ll be as good as Grave”
Valerie: masterfully sets up the tables. Adds extra decor.
Midori: “I always make sure that the customer gets a fair deal.”
Rook: boss that checks in to make sure all his customers are satisfied.
Lum: “Here’s a Melon!”
DeGrey: kicks out tyrannical customers
DeGrey’s Ghost: ???
Quince: “Nothing’s been burnt!”
Onimaru: chef with multiple bots helping him
BBB: “Beep Boop. Dinner is served.”
Troq: Carries 12 plates at once “Troq strong!”
Menelker: “You’ll be sorry you held yourself back from taboo foods. They’re delicious.”
Perse: adds the most delicious spices… and poison
Gloria: takes care of sick customers
Gwen: “Enjoy your meal, with the time you have left”
Ven: disappears before customers can ask for additional service
Zane: gives everybody someone else’s order