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I’m pretty new to Yomi, and was just watching @mysticjuicer’s Getting Good at Yomi playlist. In it, he has suggestions on how to analyze a matchup. I’m lazy, so I was considering writing a small website that would make it easy to do comparisons between any two decks (and hopefully get their relative attacks and throws in a nicely formatted comparison table).

Is that something that other folks would find useful? Am I duplicating work that’s already done? Is there any problem with making a list of all of the card details accessible in a convenient, machine-readable format?

Here it is:


Go for it! This definitely hasn’t been done.

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I approve of that message!

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This did exist once, in a Google doc. I’ll see if I can track it down later.


It doesn’t look like the one I was thinking of exists anymore, sadly. The link has expired.
I found a less good version, but you’d be better off making a new one, as it only contained the base 10 characters and wasn’t formatted very well.


Cool. I’ve started already (but haven’t actually gotten to a point to actual value). I’ll post a link when it’s actually functional (and when I want to start crowdsourcing some combos/analysis, perhaps).


Alrighty, I’ve finished the first draft of the matchup database. You can see it here: It’s woefully short on data right now, though, and is pretty slim on styling. I’ll be working on adding more characters (and more combos), but I wanted to put it out there in case others wanted to add entries as well.


Nice! Can I suggest having the move lists sort by speed by default? Also maybe making it more obvious that you can click to sort might be nice, but I appreciate that’s probably part of “styling” and can come later.


I fixed the default sorting. And, yes, getting the headers to show that they’re sortable is on my todo list.

This is looking like it’ll be really cool, good work

I would say at the moment the way pumping is shown isn’t really clear and It would probably be good to have some way to represent things like crash bomb and other armor/abilities that directly upset the speed rules on the combined move lists (not sure what the best way to do that would be)

I’d be happy to add in a bunch of data when I get some free time later this week

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Remember that the usual way of indicating pumps is like this, using Crossfire Kick as an example:

With Red Dragon:

With Ninpo Flash:

Etc. etc.


Yeah, the pumping info is definitely not great right now. One thing I want to do in the near-term, maybe, is separate out data that shows up when comparing two characters, vs more detail that shows up when looking at just one. So, maybe the details about pumps don’t show up in depth in the matchup view, just the finished combos, but in the single-character view, all of the details about what cards and how many can be used show up for pumps.

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Yeah, I wasn’t sure. I’ve seen things like “A+++” for an A being pumped three times. I’m definitely open to suggestions about notation, though, since I’m pretty new to the Yomi scene.

I’ll probably have time to do this tomorrow or the day after how would you like people to go about this, just want to make sure I’m not stepping on any toes etc. or avoid us getting in each others way

You made pages for sets and jaina, those are two of the characters (sets in particular) I could probably fill in the best/fastest, Would you be okay with me doing that or would you rather I just left them to you?

I’m fine with you adding data for whoever. I added Setsuki and Jaina just because I’d played them some. One thing I noticed about Jaina is that I don’t have a great place for a note about her Red Normals (and their chip damage). I noticed as I went to add Midori that I don’t have a good place for adding information about which starters are dragon-form only or not. So, if other people notice spots like that (where there’s no good space for particular data that you think matters), let me know, and I’ll try and work them in.

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Can’t look at it at the moment, because Internet Explorer doesn’t display your page properly but I would suggest (1) basically ignoring chip damage, and (2) treating different sides of cards as distinct moves. I would leave chip out because it isn’t extremely relevant, and you have access to chip stats in the game itself. If you wanted to add it in, maybe give it its own column, and for Jaina just put an asterisk next to the chip amounts?

For dragon vs non-dragon moves, standard notation is dQ vs Q. So Midori would have two Q entries, for example, the same way that Jaina would have two entries for fast and slow side of J.

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Yup, I already have separate entries for the separate sides of the cards. I was in the process of adding a notes column for noting dragon-form moves. If it ends up too cluttered, I’ll look at using dQ instead.

I hadn’t checked the page on IE. I’ll poke at it and see if there’s something obvious (and otherwise, I’ll probably just let it go, since this is a hobby project, so I don’t really feel like expending much effort on IE compatibility).

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Yeah that’s the quick notation for a card’s pumps, but in the damage column you would write it the way I did.

It can also be useful to note somewhere whether the pumps are (any card) (same card) or (face card).


Yeah I wouldn’t bother with IE compatibility either.

Some chip is important, like Jaina January and BBB long range Q. Maybe they should get special mentions?