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Lore connection

I wanted to try to make a brief explanation for what I think happened between FS/Yomi and Codex. To anyone who thinks this is stupid: it may be but I want to and Sirlin never said what happened.
It’s generally accepted that Codex happens after Yomi because the Blackhand Scourge has arrived.

Here’s my explanation:
-Argagarg decides that Morningstar can’t help him and decides to form/join the Moss Sentinels to free Murkwood themselves.
-Midori fought Menelker, lost, and faked his death to fight another day. He decides to help Argagarg and Calimandra protect Murkwood because I guess he figures Grave and Jaina don’t need him anymore and wants to make sure the Moss Sentinels fight fair.
Lum goes home after the Fantasy Strike tournament and uses the money he won betting on fights to rebuild Liar’s Lair, hence why he isn’t in Codex.
-Menelker either dies or his condition worsens so he is unable to help fight the Scourge.
-Grave and Setsuki decide to help Rook free the Realm from Flagstone.
-Geiger makes contact with the Vortoss and decides to chill with them and learn their stuff.
The Vortoss come to the Realm for some reason. Maybe to overthrow Flagstone, maybe to fight the Scourge, maybe to establish their own rule, any of these reasons seem as likely as the others to me.
-The Blackhand Scourge come to the Realm. Either Quince didn’t really expect this, or it came sooner than he expected. Either way, Flagstone is caught on the back foot and in their panic conscript the police and also a variety of bureaucrats for whatever reason to support the army.
-Gwen’s condition worsens and Gloria is too busy taking care of her to worry about the power struggle or help those caught in the crossfire.
-Vendetta is found out by Zane. This is the only reason I can think of for Vendetta to not be in Vandy’s invasion force.
-Zane is still insane.
-Rook and Degrey still stand for truth and the liberation of the Realm.
-Quince and company still rule Flagstone with an iron fist.
-Troq still smashes for hire.
Does this make sense to anyone else?


I really dig the explanations for characters not present, and I’m chuckling at the notion of Lum going off to build a casino.


This all started with me thinking about how Midori supposedly dies at the hands of Menelker yet is just back with no explanation. The lack of explanation felt weird to me, so here you go.


I like the Midori faking his own death angle, but think it should go one step further. Midori actually wins their fight, and convinces Menelker that there is a way to beat the illness he’s contracted, but he needs to go spend time meditating and working on internal martial arts to do so. Menelker suggests to Midori that he should fake his death and spread the rumour that he died in order to set his two students on their way, either to fully internalize and accept his teachings, or to reject them.


I really like that, actually. Midori winning makes more sense to me anyway as Menelker being half-dead would presumably limit him pretty hard, at least as hard as Midori’s scrubbiness.