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LLL 2: FrozenStorm ([Necro]/Blood/Fire) vs. Kaelii ([Finesse]/Discipline/Strength)

Once I realized I could break your Tech 1, I REALLY wanted too, even though it was pretty clearly the worse play.

I do think with bloom I still would have gone bloom (2)->grave > imp, messenger (3) for haunt, bricktheif takes graveyard, worker (4), tech 1 (5), tenderfoot (6) over midbanding grave, as it is much stronger if you don’t have sac+lobber or double lobber. It does go way down on cards, but probably put in Rambasa and Bird’s Nest. Discard 0, draw 2/8 + 1 for technician if you do kill tenderfoot.

Yea I mean I think that’s way worse, as I cannot kill midband grave behind your wall but as you say, StW Tender + Lobber isn’t too tough for me to draw with 5/7, and it gets me a lot of value and loses a lot for you.

You’d lose:
Grave + Bloomed = 4 gold and a card
Tenderfoot in techn = 1 gold

I’d lose
StW + Lobber = 3 gold and 2 cards

and gain 2 levels on Drakk / Garth.

And I’m already up on cards, so it’s a no-brainer for me to trade an extra card for 4 gold of value, especially when Garth operates just fine on a card deficit

It does make more sense I suppose to take the route of grave > imp, messenger+bloom > haunt, brickthief 1 to tech 1 + graveyard, worker, tenderfoot, tech 1 if I am going whole ham on the throw my hand at the board as then messenger at least sticks around and it is 2/7 cards instead of 2/8, and basically be me saying "I don’t think you tech’d spells, so the best you can do is trade me card for card here.

This way also leaves 6+ damage on board, as 2 gold, 3 gold + 2 cards, 2 gold + card, 1 gold == neutral cards if you clear it with only whatever is in your hand, and the best goes like:
Garth+Sac+Lobber+Deteriorate, on a 5/6 gold turn.

And aggressive tech being double nimble so bloom/nimble x2/spark/wither gives 5/7 cards as possible ‘damage’, so tech draw insures I have at least one extra point to go with brick thief.

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