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List of type synergy

Wanted to list all the type synergy. Some list are less useful because they are contained in a single spec, but I still listed them for completeness.

A minus “-” before a card indicate the cards that interact with the type. A plus “+” before a card means it is also a card of that type.

Cute Animal:
Helpful Turtle (Neutral)
Spore Shambler (Green)
Fuzz Cuddles (Ninjutsu)
Porcupine (Ninjutsu)

Virtuoso (Buffer):
Tenderfoot (Neutral)

Fruit Ninja (Neutral)
Smoker (White)
Fox Viper (White)
Fox Primus (White)
Hidden Ninja (Ninjutsu)

Bombaster (Red)
Careless Musketeer (Red)

Calypso Vystari (Anarchy)
Focus Master (Discipline)
Mind-Parry Monk (Discipline)

Doubleshot Archer (Fire)
Dothram Horselord (Balance)
Bluecoat Musketeer (Blue)
General Onimaru (Peace)
Overeage Cadet (Peace)
Brave Knight (Peace)
Drill Sergeant (Peace)
Flagstone Spy (Peace)
Debilitator Alpha (Peace)
Air Hammer (Peace)
Hooded Executioner (Necromancy)
Neo Plexus (Purple)
Fading Argonaut (Purple)
Hardened Mox (Purple)

Tiger Cub (Green)


Spectral Aven (Blue)
Sirus Quince (Truth)
Hallucination (Truth)
Dreamscape (Truth)
Spectral Flagbearer (Truth)
Spectral Hound (Truth)

Skeleton Javelineer (Black)

Thieving Imp (Black)

Galina Glimmer (Growth)
Guargum, Eternal Sentinel (Growth)
Macciatus, The Whisperer (Truth)
Jandra, the Negator (Black)
Terras Q, the Shackled (Demonology)
Zarramonde, the Obliterator (Demonology)
Hero’s Monument (Discipline)
Fox’s Den School (Ninjutsu)
Jade Fox, Den’s Headmistress (Ninjutsu)


This is great! I didn’t realize that Hooded Executioner was a soldier.

If you don’t mind a suggestion, I think it would help to sort the +'s and then the -'s to the top of each list. It would make it easier to pick out which are the things that affect the type, and which are the things that get affected.

Also, you seem to be missing a couple legendaries: Galina Glimmer, and Jandra

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Didnt realise for the executionner too until I made that list. Will edit it later tonight to add the lissing legendary. I wondered what was better, put the -/+ at the top or let them be within the pack of cards from the same spec.

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Missing shrine from list of things that affect Demons.

Now I want to play a game where I play Moss Ancient and use Polymorph: Squirrel on one of my own units to sneak in the lethal point of damage.


Now, how about cards that makes your opponent discard cards (or have you discarding cards from your opponents hand).

And cards that interfere with your opponents coins, from Slow Time Generator, Tax Collector and effects like Calamandras midband.

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Why stop there? Polymorph and Dinosize.


I don’t know if there is enough of these cards to need a listing. I can only think of 4 for each kind.

Twice as much as there is Squirrels! :wink:

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Great stuff!

Tiny correction : Mythmaking should be a ‘+’ not a ‘-’.

Should it though? It doesn’t affect itself.

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“A plus “+” before a card means it is also a card of that type.”

Mythmaking has the legendary type.

You are right. Didnt add the + because it didn’t affect itself, but for consistency, I will change it.

Try a Tech Lab so you have both Feral and Growth, make a Blooming Ancient, then play Moss Ancient to put four +1/+1 runes on the Blooming Ancient, and Polymorph: Squirrel your Blooming Ancient so it can sneak past the defenders with its payload of runes.


…and then shift all the runes over onto one of your freshly-spawned squirrels!

That’s delightful.

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I believe Polymorph makes Blooming Ancient lose the ability to move its runes until end of turn, but you can still move them next turn!

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Ah, right. Good point.