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Lets talk about white specs

I know am probably stating the obvious, but I want tp share my thoughts.
Discipline: Imo chosing Discipline tech II means u are mostly going to rely on YLD, since thanks to self pumping or sparring partner’s rune u get nasty flyers that can wreck techs and heroes.
Imo prioritize the dragons, then a mind-parry monk to shield heroes+YLDs. Vigor adept just as overkill or if you are already advantaged. Tech III is a waste of resuorces, imo.
FWIW Rambasa twin synergize well with geiger maxband, safe attacking/sensei’s advice.
As i told @Zejety the other day, if u have 2 rambasa attacking and one survives, the flickering geiger can give you back both rambasa ready for patrolling.

Strenght: Going strenght means relying heavily on a legendary build, otherwise Doubling Barbarbarian + green/growth pump spells make things terrifying (Stampede omg i tremble at the idea of 2 DBs stampeding). Tech III is decent since if u have a huge board, just summoning oathkeeper leaves your opponent defenseless to a 1 turn kill.

Ninjutsu: Still trying to figure this out. Actually can’t make it work for the life of me. I mean porcupine is a hell of a blocker, glorious ninja is better at defending than attacking(is the best crashbarrow stopper available), but long story short, imho they lack real impact. Would be more threatening if things like Mind parry was ninjutsu too. so no nasty kidnapping or doom grasping stuff.

Any advice/critic/further thoughts?


I feel the win condition of ninjutsu relies more on Setsuki than tech 2. Tech 3 is also pretty good, but can backfire if you run out of ground blockers.

How about making everything invisible? This is actually a situationally stronger Mind Parry Monk.


I’ve had very good success as P1 going Mind Parry Monk against removal heavy opponents. For whatever reason I’ve found I play mostly against Black and Purple, so haven’t really had the opportunity to try a Young Lightning Dragon build yet.

Strength, I feel, encourages a base-race type build, though it’s not a playstyle I’m particularly good at, because it feels so much less stable compared to the board-control/out-value playstyle of Discipline. But basically mid-band Rook ASAP, go face, get Colossus, go more face, use Earthquake or Oathkeeper to finish them off. Use Entangling Vines to clear high-value units, and Thunderclap to push chump-blockers out of the way. Haven’t played this style at all because it’s a terrible build against colours with strong removal and I mostly play against Black, apparently.


good point :slight_smile:never used the FDschool.
Also agree. If maxbandsuki surives, the extra draws make easy to get FDS and spam invisible ninjas. Once i won like this. I lost to this strat more than once lol

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Going face with Colossus, et al., is the only real Strength strat that interests me, but I’ve never been able to get it to work either, for much the same reasons. Black as an opponent is so limiting.

when i won with strenght was either due to quakes+bird strat (so tech II) was irrelevant, or with a DB+WS grapplers. IS actually easier thatn it seems, cuz opponent needs to get rid of DBs and is not taht easy.

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I think you’re right: those are definitely the best options; they’re way more cost effective, and if you’re playing Discipline, Growth, Finesse, or even Blood or Peace, DB is nuts. I just don’t like the flavor of DB or WSG as much as Colossus, and I’m too impatient to worry about dealing with patrollers. (:

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imagine a 2 stepped doubling bardb. heck, even a sensei advice is bad since it has overp.
So the opponent has to take them out cuz the slightest buff turns them into monsters Cough cough stampede +6atk+6armor Cough cough

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Just like you can’t use the same build against every opponent in Star Craft, you can’t use all strats against all colours in Codex.

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I feel like there could be a deck that uses Mythmaking to juice up Morningstar Pass which protects either your Tower or your Tech Lab + Firehouses.


imo that is overkill. The easist fix to firehouse, imho, is moment peace. it basically gives it haste

Recently i have started playind mono white again.
I must say, against non future builds, imho, sets is much better than river.
This cuz going discipline and HH, u can use training G to insta pump her for 2 extra card per turn.
She is basically a 4/4 surplus that gives u one more card than the add on, can defend itself and has swift strike on ur turn for a free kill.
Aside from that, i can’t really find a decent solution to make her live long enough to make spending 7 gold worth its cost. :frowning2:

what kills her in your games?

everything. Being 1/3 is not great since poking her is practically free if she is patrolling. Her midband is meh, since she still has 3 hp and just 2 attack :frowning: unless u rune pump her is almost like not having swift s.

In my games my opponent never brings setsuki without board presence. And when she arrives, she never patrols.

It wasnt uncommon to have rook, tech1 rock, token birds, and a couple of tech0 units available
In this condition setsuki is hard to kill. And if I manage to cut through rook/ rock patrollers , i have to pay extra gold to attack.

If setsuki is kept alive, i know she will max soon and start drawing. Birds do some damage to my units and setsuki will swift strike the remaining health.
If opponent dont deal with her asap he will bite it.

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Well, having 2 heroes means either having tech II or HH.
Sets has no board impact at all, unless maxband.
In such case u have the extra draws and fox den students as a threat.
Too bad that almost any hero has a major impact on the board, even without maxb (sets spells are just meh). For the same price i muuch prefer a rook grave combo, where rook blocks/earthquakes and grave does everything with a sure kill rune as a backup plan.

Grave wounds dont heal,but setsuki dont get wounded at all (the way our group uses her) unless from tower.
Maybe use your rook grave combo until grave dies eventually, then bring setsuki in ?

ime, if u bring out sets, is just free lvs for me. I do not bring her out at all, until i have training grounds out, so i can pump her atk and her lvs for free. Grave wounds does not heal indeed, but u can lv1 attack, 2 dmg+sshot, then just pay 2 gold for midgrave 3/4 healed and readiness.
Sets lv1 deals 1 dmg (it means nothing to anything in SQL), Midb requires 3 gold just for 1 atk pump.
imo not worth it.

I’ve had good experiences bringing Sets into play as my 2nd hero, backed by Speed of the Fox, and getting her to midband at least on that same turn. This usually coincides with a move intended to equalize or dominate the board. Readiness, 3 attack, swift strike, and armor piercing mean she usually is able to take out a key patroller without taking damage. The result of the attack typically means that my opponent can’t retaliate to kill her. I’ll usually max her on the same turn, or the turn after.

I agree that she is probably not the hero you want on turn 1 unless you are certain that you need Shuriken Hail or Hidden Ninja in the match-up. On the other hand, in that situation, she’ll probably be maxed pretty quickly, and her maxband means you can pretty comfortably overcommit resources to the board since you recover from the low hand for free. But I haven’t encountered the need for this less stable, riskier opening.