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Legion's Yomi Boot Camp

Long story short, my long absence from the yomi scene has left me rusty.
I dare to say that i have forgotten about the various MU more than many shall ever learn :wink:
Hence i need ppl to play with, possibily cool people, and definetly not those on my black list.
So if anyone is interested in having a steady sparring partner (me) winner of the Yomi Olympics Carnival and several small yomi tourneys, sign up here, and i will send u my discord channel invite, so
that actually active players maybe in SSIV or IYL can find an available opponent to practice.
I really hope that @variable @Zqxx and @Corroyeur @Zejety and @neigutten will join ^^
Eubois should stick close!


I’m interested, although my availability is usually late evening EST, so I’m not sure how that lines up with your schedule.


Sounds good to me! Sign me up! :smiley_cat: My time zone is CDT & I am most likely to be on around 5-7 -ish PM weekday evenings (though maybe later on Friday!) & in the morning/early afternoon on weekends!


@Hobusu u interested?

Glad to see you’re back even more often!
I’d like to join your camp! although I don’t think to be one of the cool people, but maybe I should’t even be in your black list!
better times for me 21-22 mon-fri, more flexible during weekend


guys let me know if the invite works ^^

Sure, I’m interested. I’m just not sure if I’ll be able to join reliably… I haven’t even been attending the Wednesday casuals the past few weeks (though I might be able to this week, we’ll see). I’m likely to be available around the same time as @vengefulpickle on the days I can play, since we seem to be in the same time zone.

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I’ll also put my hand up for this. We’ve played some pick up games in the past and I’ve always enjoyed them and learnt a lot.


Would be happy to play regularly. I am fairly new and have narrowly missed the IYL5 signups - unfortunately there are not a lot of opportunities to play besides the wednesday casuals. I am also form EU - CEST timezone.


@Legion hey, I picked the game up on iOS so I should be on for casuals here and there more often, can you send me an invite please?


Recently there are some MUs that I realize I ought to practice more, so I too would like an invite, if the offer still stands!

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