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Who else has given this game a go? I initially bought in just to explore the mechanics because Richard Garfield and because I design games. After playing it a few times, I’m really impressed. The no economy system works surprisingly well and I really like the system of reaping creatures to gain Æmber. It feels really fresh compared to life point systems. And, best of all, unlike CCGs, you drop $10 and you have a fully competitively viable deck you can take to tournaments.


i just got curious and read about is. So there are only “starter decks” and no boosters, right?

Basically, yeah. Each deck has a “random” (derived from some kind of algorithm) set of 36 cards; 12 cards from 3 different factions, of the 7 available. Decks are all given a unique name, which is printed on each card in the deck, so cards cannot be swapped in or out.

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yus, plus the barcode cards that is still unclear if is for online play or tourney deck checks

online play is already available! kudos on the devs.

That’s a fan made sight. I haven’t explored it yet but it’s not the official online version.

I’m enjoying the game as well. Formats are the most important thing to making keyforge work properly. Without them the positives and appeal of the distribution model pretty much falls apart.

I put out a review/thoughts video here (I don’t go over any rules so familiarity with those is better):

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what’s your nick on the keyforge server? Maybe sometime we can play together.

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No knock against it. I haven’t actually played on it yet though I’ve been meaning to check it out and have heard good things about it. I’d be down to play against you.

The fact that you can use any deck out in the wild goes against what the game is about and leads people to just play the “best” decks. This would be my only problem with the current online option.

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is the only way i have to actually play it. I can promise to use my decks only :stuck_out_tongue:
Thee good thing is that you can ezly understand where your opponent is from based on the deck name (the archon’s name is always in the same language of the deck)