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Jade Fox character concept

This has been brewing in my head for a while now, but here I go. Note that several of these abilities are meant to parallel stuff in Codex’s Ninjitsu spec

Jade Fox
Fox Den Master
75 hp
X.4 atk spd
X.6 throw spd 6 damage KD 2cp
Aged Endurance
When Jade Fox lands a straight, she may draw 2 cards instead of a A and 1 more card for each additional A she would have gained.

2 a/d
3 a/d
4 a/d
5 a/t
6 a/b
7 t/b
8 t/b
9 t/b
Hidden Ninja
Attach this to your character card. Next time you are hit by or block an attack or throw, take no damage, they do not combo, and discard this card
10 t/d
J Inverse Power Ropedart
2.6 spd atk 2 cp starter 10(3) damage
This deals 1 less damage than printed for each card in your hand, to a minimum of 3
Q glorious strike
0.2 spd atk 2cp ender 9(2)+ 5 damage
K Swift Strike
2.2 spd atk 3cp linker 6(4) damage
A Fox Step
1.4 spd atk 0cp 0 damage
If Fox Step hits, draw a card. Fox Step may be used to combo after an ender
AAA Shinobi Suplex
4.6 spd throw 3cp starter 24 damage

As always, feedback is welcome

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Is the 5 throw a named throw or a regular throw?

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A normal throw