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IYL8 - Flagstone - Match Reports

Report your Flagstone matches here.

Challonge Bracket:


Me vs. JHSnacks

I win 3-1

All :chibivendetta: vs. :chibidegrey:

I just mostly did #venthings. Imagine Ven winning in 2020. And sundry memes of that fashion.


I can’t, enomus isn’t here


Southpaw Hare vs @flagrantangles

:geiger: :psfist: :pschip: :quince:
:geiger: :psfist: :pschip: :quince:
:geiger: :pschip: :psfist: :quince:
:zane: :psfist: :pschip: :quince:

Southpaw Hare 3 - 1 Flagrantangles
Southpaw Hare wins!


Hare might’ve won the round, but flagrantangles won my heart for sticking with who he believed in the whole way through (and what a fine man to believe in, too!).


Gingivitusks vs @Ginorm

:grave: :psfist: :pschip: :codexrook:
:grave: :psfist: :pschip: :codexrook:
:grave: :psfist: :pschip: :codexargagarg:

Gingivitusks wins 3 - 0


Not a great return for me, but other than the Arg game felt like they were close with a lot of adaptation. Was great to get a chance to mix it up again. But after this debacle, it maybe time to dust off the Bull and the General.

Good luck Gingivitusks throughout the rest of the league, we will meet again!

I must now go drown my sorrows in a little GBVS.


Yes! Apologies for the short post I should’ve commented on how close those 1st 2 matches were. Made me very nervous. I was very lucky with draws and you had some great reflect set ups. Great games! And best of luck with the rest of your matches


Thanks, the Vines were hitting pretty well, but after finding out you play the Rockman too, it made sense you navigated around all the Stone Walls. Didn’t get any good spots to 4 those anti K strats, never had the right cards to make it worth taking that line. Your Throw mixes after the adjustment we talked about just made my head spin which is definitely not what you want when you are supposed to be the grappler. But again make sense having that grappler experience under your belt. Again great set!


Well, no show for CKR, Gingivitusks and feathers were playing games with me while we waited, so they can confirm if necessary.

Also reporting here to ask what the protocol is.

If there’s time left to reschedule, you just reschedule.


Yup, just to confirm, do your best to reschedule. If it comes down to calling a forfeit at the end of next week, they the no-show will be taken into account.


Alright. Well I’ll leave the ball in his court, but if he follows up at all I’ll try to make some room this week if at all possible.

IYL8 R1 - variable vs. @Fluffiness

:chibigeiger::pscrash::pschip::setsuki:: I somehow avoid getting Setsuki’d!
:geiger::pschip::pscrash::chibipersephone:: Fluffiness is reaallllllyy good and especially with Perse, not to mention that this matchup can be tough for Geiger! So, I’m not surprised that I lost the first Perse game!
:chibigeiger::pscrash::pschip::persephone:: MC can’t stop this MC! :microphone::chibigeiger:
:chibigeiger::pscrash::pschip::persephone:: And, that’ll do it!

Fluffiness, you are a ridiculously good player! It was a delight to play someone on your level! I think this could easily go differently if & when we meet up again! Thanks for playing and good luck in the rest of IYL8! :smiley_cat:


IYL8 - R2 - Ginorm vs (IamNobody) @Niijima-san

Ginorm 3-2
:valerie: :psfist: :pschip: :vendetta: - Hidden Maximum Ven second or third card played hit, but was able to grind it out

:valerie: :pschip: :psfist: :jaina: - Not a lot of combat wins and Jania getting back cards and running a great series of combat at the end to close out, wasn’t close.

:argagarg: :psfist: :pschip: :jaina: - Got an early Bubble shield to get an early advantage, fish grind from there

:argagarg: :pschip: :psfist: :vendetta: - Wasn’t even close, Ven enjoyed some sushi

:valerie: :pschip: :pschip::vendetta: - Not a typo, Double KO after a very back and forth game. I believe we both negated a lot of damage that game. I think I had a 4,5,5,6,J++ Blue Bursted in this one. The last play was a Burst of Speed Masterpiece vs a Maximum Ven that laid us both out to force a game 6

:valerie: :psfist: :pschip: :vendetta: - This was a grind too. I went with a more Block / Throw heavy style to try to draw out all the Ven Dodges, and there were a lot of them. While I did get some ok throw damage (pretty spag 3 card straight enders), Ven still was able to Dodge out my Aces. Both times lead to K-Loops. The first I was able to Block out of a Dodge right away, but the second was scary cause I took two Dodges into K-Throw. On the third mix I was able to call out the raw-Throw and I normaled into a J++ with no Joker reveal to close out. But if I missed that mix the next mix could’ve resulted in death.

An extremely dangerous opponent, and I’d be surprised not to see them at the top of the division. I’m definitely going to watch some of your matches in the future cause I want to be able to enjoy them rather than being stressed out the whole time. Great set and good luck with your other matches.


I doubt I’ll end up at the top I do terribly in these leagues for one reason or another. I mean I lost already week 2…

They were mostly good games. Near the end of that tied game I had a four card hand, three known aces plus whatever I topdecked and you had 22 life. There was no reason at all that I can see to play a normal attack and you did. Why?

It was all a numbers game at that point, what exactly was your last card…

Edit: My explanation was way too long, it really boiled down to this:

My Jokers are both in the yard and my hand is AA, some face cards, a ton of Throws, NO Dodge.

I cannot Dodge, don’t have one.

Could Block, but lose to Throw, AA or I get put in a weird situation if I block AAA as you’ll be in Top Deck mode and that means no reads just full guess which while I probably wouldn’t die right away it’s hard to navigate.

Throw is my worst option, while I beat a Dodge or Throw I just lose if you run it out, and if you drew an Attack no Dodge, that’s what you’d do. So high probability I just lose with this option.

If I Attack, Dodge is the only way I lose the set. 4 ranks of cards that are Dodge vs 9 ranks that aren’t, the odds are in my favor it isn’t a Dodge. So unlike the other options I can win outright if you drew a Throw which also kills me, tie if you didn’t, or have the lowest probability to lose out of the other options.

That’s pretty much my decision making in a nutshell

Except that logic is wrong. If I had played aaa against that attack there you lose the set. Throw beats more things than attack does at that point.

Not sure I understand, I did play that attack AA with Burst of Speed backup so at worst it would clash like it did. Without a Dodge there was no scenario an AAA wins for you in that spot if I Attack, but does if I throw.

Turn before that. The one I said you played a normal attack, not AA