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IYL8 - Dreadlands - Match Reports

Report your Dreadlands matches here.

Challonge Bracket:


ArthurWynne vs @MysticDeadman

:onimaru: :psfist: :knockdown: :onimaru: I got snookered by all the Gwen hype, but… not quite in the way you’d expect! Jokered an early K++, drew plenty of resources and generally won more combats, although it was tense throughout!

:onimaru: :psfist: :knockdown: :setsuki: Starting with a first-turn Q dump, for the longest time Oni couldn’t even touch Setsuki, @MysticDeadman looked downright psychic. But he had no 7s, and neither could he dump again, so the ninja got minimal value out of her combat wins. Once Oni had a hand and started landing big hits, the tide turned swiftly.

:onimaru: :psfist: :knockdown: :gwen: This match was wild, and went right down to the wire. @MysticDeadman is the only player who has ever made me think this MU might not be terrible for Gwen. In the end, a 7-throw when a face card was expected took it home.

Final result, 3-0 to ArthurWynne, thanks for a very enjoyable set and some fun banter!


Minor correction: I sat on a seven for most of the Setsuki game, but I had mostly throws and a Joker in hand, so I had no way to utilize it.

Otherwise, GGs!


@vengefulpickle, any chance of putting the appropriate Challonge links in these regional threads for easy reference?


It’s been a dogs age, but I never thought Gwen vs. Oni was all that bad for Gwen. 4.5-5.5 I think. 4-6 at the absolute worst.

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It’s no Rook/BBB, but it’s always felt pretty dire for me, as Block/Attack from Oni makes it very hard for Gwen to get anywhere.

But we already know that your Yomi knowledge is much deeper than mine so.

Simultaneously, though, 9 and 10 blocks from Gwen make it difficult for Oni to really get his damage going too.

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While it is true that my knowledge may be deeper I have been wrong before and may be now. I know she definitely loses it.

For what it’s worth, my numbers put it right in the same range you had it in, @Niijima-san

Tekopo vs @Ivan

:vendetta::psfist::knockdown::persephone: Started off badly for Pers and she couldn’t really get anything started. Pretty clean victory for my Vendetta and a pretty fast start.

:vendetta::knockdown::psfist::jaina: I feel Jaina is a legit good counterpick for Vendetta thanks to burning cinders and repeatable sub 1.0 attacks. I could never really get started with Vendetta and although I got Jaina down to 30, I wasn’t able to crack the nut in time. No acros didn’t help either!

:vendetta::knockdown::psfist::jaina: Gave it another go but Ivan played it well and I ended up getting to a place where I just couldn’t outspeed Jaina, and she pressured me with throws so I struggled to get back. Acros saved me a couple of times but weren’t enough, so a similar result to the previous game.

:bbb::psfist::knockdown::jaina: Not sure if it’s a counterpick, but I didn’t want to pick my much weaker DeGrey, so I opted for BBB. Early long range managed to get some damage in, but was quickly reversed and a short range battle began. A clutch short range K managed to give me some breathing room although I was sub-20 life, then AA clutched out the win.

:bbb::knockdown::psfist::argagarg: Early long range got me a starting advantage, but my slow damage meant that I was still wasn’t in the clear yet. The match ended with a really clutch A block that basically spelled my doom, even after managing to get range for a bit. Interesting matchup.

Final result, 2-3 to Ivan. A really competitive series where each of us had a chance for victory.


Some lovely matchups showcased there for a standard cp tourney!


The Dreadlands is the only division so far that hasn’t featured a report with one of the Big 4 in a set. That’s the kind of variety I like to see.
…Granted, it’s only 2 reported matches deep, BUT STILL.


Beating Jaina with BBB is impressive considering how bad it is for the robot. But hey, I think character familiarity and mastery trumps standard counterpicking. Good shit!


The Dreadlands is the only division so far that hasn’t featured a report with one of the Big 4 in a set.

Caralad vs @feathers

:troq: :psfist: :pschip: :onimaru:
:troq: :psfist: :pschip: :onimaru:
:troq: :pschip: :psfist: :onimaru:
:degrey: :psfist: :pschip: :onimaru:

GG’s feathers. Good luck with the rest of IYL


Heh, yeah. As soon as I saw MD’s post, knowing my match with Caralad was coming up… this meta man. Well deserved win, good luck to you as well!


@Castanietzsche 3 - 1 @darkness
it’s the MU I’ve experienced the most in the game (by far !) but the games were still really close
my opponent was both unpredictable and really damage-efficient on each of his combat wins
ggs ! your perse is great !!!
some things about this MU (if I’m wrong correct me)

  • my 6 is my only even block and it’s really precious for me. I really need it for the straight combo and the follow-ups. maybe you could cross me up a bit more with even normal attacks and a bit less with Qs. the 2s let you draw a card on my block, undercut my patriot mirrors and you can follow-up it with a combo.
  • maybe keep do as told (10s) for my two truths (2s) at least until the late game
  • maybe keep jokers to prevent me positive spinning after my successful dodges
    but I still might be wrong, this MU is really complex and confusing. I really depend on guessing what you’ve got in hand and that was especially hard today !

sorry again for having cancelled our first appointement so late :s
good luck for the next games, see you in finals :grin:


not really. 4, 6 and 10 are all quince even blocks.

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you’re right, forgot them
I definitely should consider using the 10 as block more often but loosing it is so frustrating !
The 4 is a really good block in this MU you’re right. The main point about the 2 crossup being so good is mainly because it outspeeds everything except consent of the governed (which I mainly play as a follow-up. but maybe I’m wrong ?)

Like any big super, it’s best to confirm into Consent when you can to make sure it lands, but Quince doesn’t often have that luxury because it’s also his fastest attack, and he often needs that 1.2 speed as a defensive move. Besides, he’s got a bunch of other good follow-up, like J, Q-throw and beefy normals.