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Is this illegal play?


I was thinking of a way to increase the chance of pulling two of Grave’s ultimate spell for instant win

I thought about having Law stash a value 3 card, exhaust to draw card. Surplus to get more cards. Of course most tech choices should be of value 3. Setsuki to get me 2 more cards.

But then I remembered the infamous smoker infinite :

Discipline , Peace , Finesse
A garrison, a drill sergent, and max finesse
Play smoker for 0 , get a card, target smoker with sergent. Repeat until you have your two ultimate spells and 4 more cards of value 3.

Infinite combo to always have access to all your deck!


Nothing illegal about it at all. Would be great if you could set it up!

The only problem here is actually pulling it off.

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Generally speaking, as a rule of thumb, if you’re asking “is this crazy idea illegal?” with regard to Codex, you have stumbled on a bold but totally legal gameplan that will almost certainly never work. But when it DOES…


Strongly disagree.
My own experience has been that when you come up with a brokenly good combo, there’s a post somewhere in the rules thread that “explains” why things don’t work that way.