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Is there anyway to remove -1/-1 runes from Daigo Stormborn?

I’m looking at all spells and hero abilities, but there seems to be nothing that doesn’t target which can reset Daigo Stormborn or remove runes from him. Plague lab doesn’t target nerfs him forever, and if any disease tech hits him, he basically becomes a pointless tech III. Rewind would remove Daigo from play and never return him (because apparently it removes tokens from play?). Any thoughts on this?

aside from plague lab there is no non targeting -1 rune generator. So is actually an edge case.
tbh, daigo is quite bad as tech III (compared to pirate gunships or T-rexes)

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Any thing that does damage in the form of -1/-1 runes also nerfs him. Also cursed ghoul does when he arrives. Plague spitter, a tech 1 does 3x -1/-1 and then he’s stuck because you can attack your own building, he’s legendary so you can’t play another, and the buildings untargetable

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Oh wait… I didn’t realize +1/+1 and -1/-1 actually destroy each other. So sparring partner could be used to destroy all the -1/-1 on daigo, not just add +1/+1.

it cannot patrol, so attacking him is not very likely (better hit the building) cursed ghoul targets.

I don’t think you’ll be able to target your Daigo with your Sparring Partner.

If you’re playing Discipline Tech2 against opponent’s Disease, Training Grounds is a really strong card, and much better use of resources than building Tech3 for the underwhelming Daigo. $1 cost, and if its 4HP survives a turn it taps to maxband a hero – good in any matchup, but notably here as many of Disease’s cards target units but not heroes (Plague Lab, Abomination, Cursed Ghoul).

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It’s an exhaust ability which doesn’t Target… Same as plague lab. So if plague lab can, so can sparring partner.

I wound up winning because of those 2 training grounds :wink:

Sparring Partner’s rune ability targets. To indicate that, the target symbol is next to its unit type (Monk).


Ultimately I think the answer is “No, Daigo can be permanently crippled by -1/-1s. Haha, don’t play Daigo vs Disease.”


Ah, didn’t realize that

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I’ve never seen anyone go to tech 3 and play a daigo. Anytime i’ve seen discipline tech 2 go to tech 3, there was a tech lab for something better.

I have done. It was even worse, I was playing past and rewinded the token to hand. Worst tech 3 in the game in that case.


If it could patrol, it would probably be at least somewhat serviceable, but as a game ending threat? not even close.

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Yeah, when I played him, he basically got nerfed into the ground, and I had to go back, tech, and grab a Oathkeeper of Kor Mountain, who then promptly cleared the patrol zone for my final blow.