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Is there a proper place to post test topics?

I remember there was a sub-forum for making test posts on the old forum. I am in need of such a test topic right now: I want to play some Play-by-Forum Codex, but I want to be good enough at formatting my posts first before I start playing against a real person. Should I post it in “Lounge”, or “Codex play-by-forum”, or am I even allowed to post such a topic?

How about creating an example post and seeing what it looks like in the preview field? Once you have a format you like, you can copy paste the contents of the actual post, with all the code and formatting and stuff, into a notepad document.

Then it’s just a matter of copy pasting from the notepad onto the forums and looking through your preview panel to see if anything got messed up.

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I did not think to do that! Also, as it turns out, the preview field is fully interactive, meaning I can mess around with spoilers and stuff, which I did not think was possible.

So, yeah, test posting is kind of passe. Thanks, @mysticjuicer!


I say just find an opponent, start a game, and go for it. People here are quite patient with newbies and willing to help them learn.

Also, if you use the Tracking Spreadsheet. It will automatically format your posts for you. You can learn how the formatting works by reading the output it gives you.

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I’ll take the plunge, then! :smiley: