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Is Puzzle Strike iOS being updated to iOS 11?

Update: I’m an idiot. The app titled “Fantasy Strike” that’s supposed to be a randomizer app for the various Fantasy Strike board games is the app that hasn’t been updated to 64-bit. The Puzzle Strike iOS app is fine.

Originally posted by a dummy:

I’m expecting a no, but has anyone heard if Puzzle Strike iOS is going to be supported anymore?

I forgot how many years ago, but for a number of them Apple has been encouraging developers to recompile their apps with a few fixes to make them 64-bit. Apple has had 64-bit devices for a while but still supported 32-bit applications until last month with the release of iOS 11. Because of this, I can’t play Puzzle Strike until it is updated to be 64-bit.

This may not be the whole story and I may have the 32/64-bit part right, but every other app that I can no longer use is because they dropped support many years ago and so never bothered updating it to be 64-bit.

Lucky for me, my purchase of Puzzle Strike iOS was recent (finally decided to dip in now after spending most of my cash on the old Unity Web version (and then that broke down for me years before fantasystrike went down, but that’s another story…)). So, I still should have the option of getting a refund. But I won’t bother if there’s any likely hood that it’ll be updated. At the same time, I know Sirlin is pouring tons of focus and energy into Fantasy Strike right now, and I don’t know if he has the money or time to get the people he contracted to make the iOS version to make the fixes necessary. Anyone know?


I just double-checked on my phone — Puzzle Strike runs perfectly fine on iOS 11 (which only supports 64-bit apps). Unless you somehow downloaded a wildly outdated version of the app bundle, it should work perfectly fine for you too. (Yomi works fine too)

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Okay, thanks to GRAG I figured it out. I got the app confused with a different app, the Fantasy Strike app that acts as a randomizer for Yomi/Puzzle Strike/Flash Duel. So now I’ve been happily playing Puzzle Strike on my iPad. Thank you.


Hooray! Hooray forever!

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