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Irish Yomi players

Hey guys, I’ll be at in Dublin this weekend. Not sure who there is in the way of Irish yomi players but if you’re about and interested in some irl games gimme a shout and we might be able to set something up.


Hey BD,

I’m in Dublin. I haven’t come across any other Irish players on here or out in the wild so some irl games would be fun.

Unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to getting the physical game yet, because I’m lazy like that. But I’ll probably be able to get some decks this week because there’s a good game shop here and I’ve been meaning to get them for a while.

Do you know yet where you will stay? And what time(s) you’ll be free? Ireland are playing a football match at 5pm on Saturday, so I’ll be watching that (and you’re more than welcome to join me in a pub if you’re interested in that), but I should be free for Yomi and chats, etc for the rest of the weekend.


As always, we need pictures :wink:


Football and Yomi?! Boy, do I wish I could make it to Dublin to join you (I’m across the pond, sadly).

There was also Guinness too! This happened last summer and was a lot of fun.