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iOS 10 Messages stickers request

Hey there! With the release of iOS 10 about two weeks away, it seems like as good a time as any to ask if there’s any chance I could request Sirlin Games toss together a sticker pack or two or three for sale on the App Store, since Messages is getting sticker support and you can toss together a sticker pack without writing a single line of code, as demonstrated during the WWDC platforms state of the union in June.

I could see Yomi, Puzzle Strike, and Codex all being ripe for sticker purposes, and since there’s already a Sirlin Games account for selling Yomi and Puzzle Strike, it seems like it’d be an easy way to at least pull in a few bucks from fans eager to throw a dollar or two in to be able to a text message with Nautical Dog or Spirit of the Panda or thoughtful Puzzle Strike Midori or something.

I mean, it’s just a pipe dream, but I’ll definitely buy any Sirlin Games sticker packs that go up on the App Store, pretty much on principle alone.