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Lets get this ball rollin’ with the new forum and all.

I am a norwegian guy aged 29 now, and have been playing Yomi a few years. I am also one of the Deluxe Codex kickstarter backers eagerly awaiting the 3 month early shipping and the Tabletopia mod. Its going to be great ^^

I was also known as GGBergen.nei at the fantasystrike forums, but that was mainly because the merge between the webclient and the steam account forced me to have my steam name on the forums (or I didn’t know how to change them to be independent).

Anyways, who are you and what brings you here? Codex? Yomi? Puzzle Strike? Flash Duel?


Let’s make this one grow!

I’m a French guy living in Germany, bearing 10 more years than the guy above, and have been playing Yomi for 2 or 3 years. I’m eagerly waiting for the Tabletopia mod of Codex, ready to be stomped by the guys who are playing by forums or IRL since months. I really want to get into PS as well, but the fact that each time I play the bank is full of chips I don’t know makes me afraid to do so online, as there is no way I can play with timer yet…

I’m just here to see the “meet me in the pit” thread resurrected. Nothing else matters.



I’m an American living in Kyoto. I’m a professional Japanese-English translator and unprofessional in pretty much literally every other facet of my life. I spend far more time enjoying theorycrafting and reading people’s guides and the like on the forums than actually playing the games, but I definitely enjoy playing. Currently waiting on the Codex Kickstarter to arrive, probably right around when I get the new iPhone and we all learn what Nintendo has in store with the NX. September is going to be a very exciting month. ^^


Hi, I lurk threads.


I’m Mad King, one of the helpful staff here! I’ve been active in the community since Kongai was in active expansion playtesting (those were the days!), and have been playing Yomi for 7 1/2 years now. I’ve also played Puzzle Strike and Flash Duel on-and-off in tournament play, winning the last playtest Flash Duel tournament with mono-Jaina. I live in the Metro Detroit area and I’ll soon be starting up weekly meetups at Get Your Game On in Ferndale and/or Eternal Games in Warren. I also helped demo Codex at GenCon, so if you saw a bearded guy with unkempt hair at the booth or the exhibitor’s hall, it was probably me.

I’m also a member of the Seraphim Organization, a Detroit-based fighting game team. We’ve just acquired our first sponsor and I look forward to representing my team in the future! My primary fighting game of choice is Street Fighter V, but I’m definitely looking forward to FSFG when that releases! I’ll be streaming Street Fighter V on my personal stream in the near future.

Any questions or concerns while you’re here can be directed to me or any other of our friendly staff. Glad to see everyone!


Ahoy! I’ve been playing Yomi for a year-ish or something like that, off and on, I’m bad at staying dedicated. Wait, no, I’ve played in at least two IYLs so maybe it’s a year and a half or something. It was definitely after the 2nd Edition KS. The first Sirlin Games product I played was Pandante, weirdly enough, although a friend of mine also later introduced me to Puzzle Strike. I’m fairly certain that looking up info on Pandante years later was what got me to finally check out Yomi for good.

Also, funny stories there, I got scared away from Yomi at least twice. You want to see something really funny?

So, how exactly does Yomi work? Because I look at the cards, and see that it’s double-sided, plus there’s suits and a rank, and some sort of damage value, a type of card (Attack/etc.), a special ability, it looks like there’s a shield icon, then there’s a bunch of boxes under the attack name. It seems like a lot to keep track of, especially if you’re trying to track your opponent’s possible plays too.

That’s what I had to say about Yomi on July 17, 2014. You can all have a good laugh now.

Anyhow, my main claim to fame around here is helping with some of the icons in the client–I did the art for the ability icons used for Mistress’ Command, Unstable Power, and Healing Sphere (my avatar!).


I’m Darrin Scymrian, and I play Yomi, primarily! I joined the community at the beginning of 2016, after a period of lurking and casual play. I’m also interested in Codex, but haven’t played yet - I’ll probably be starting either when the Tabletopia mod comes out, or when I get my Kickstarter copy delivered.


Mad King, here, was one of the first “notable” players I ran into on the Yomi QM ladder. I very distinctly remember his encouragement, after our games: “Good valuation, for a player who I don’t recognize!” The advantages of lurking before diving in!


Hi there! I’m Phrawger, a relatively new player who primarily plays Yomi. @scymrian and @Twenty-Seven played a money match to get me a full copy of the game, and then @scymrian bodily threatened me until I showed up to play in tournaments.*

Turns out I like playing tournament Yomi! Codex also interests me as a Magic the Gathering player/podcaster and I’m looking forward to playing some rounds with scymmy.

*(he’s a good friend actually don’t penalize him)


Hey everyone! I’m a 20 year old originally from Los Angeles but currently living in St. Louis, MO for university!

I’m here for Yomi, the game I have probably sunk more time and effort into learning than any other! I discovered Yomi just under a year ago, around ?Nov.? 2015, when someone in the Smashbros subreddit posted a link to Sirlin’s podcast episode “Easy Special Moves.” Because I do some amateur game design myself, I listened to the rest of the podcast, and decided afterwards to give some of Sirlin’s games a whirl. I played a couple matches of Yomi in the free browser version and, well, the rest is history at this point.

Some genuine thoughts I had about Yomi when I played my first couple matches:

  • higher normals were strictly more valuable than lower normals, because they do more damage.
  • the optimal strategy with :rook: is always to power up for Aces as quickly as possible and land CMB. Also, Rock Armor was bad and shouldn’t be used much, if at all. Did I mention that I thought I was going to be a :rook: main?
  • I didn’t like playing as :argagarg: and thought he was an weird and awkward character. It’s amazing how people can change

Anyways, I’m happy to have discovered this game and this community! It’s been quite a ride so far.


And the problem with these thoughts is…?

:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:



1 for 2 isn’t bad :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi. My name’s Jared. I lurk, mostly.

I currently live in South Carolina, though I’m about to move to Kansas City. I play Grave poorly in both Yomi and Puzzle Strike, and I play a lot of characters poorly in Flash Duel. I’ve played more Pandante than any of those games, though, and I’ve actually got a pretty good win record here locally. I’m totally stoked about Codex shipping early, and I can’t wait to play Peace/Truth/[Finesse] with real cards! Codex has a good shot at overtaking Netrunner as my competitive game of choice, which is huge.

Anyway, that’s an intro, I guess. Maybe I’ll post some, now! :grinning:


:kissing_closed_eyes: :chibipersephone: :rose:



I’m Twenty-Seven, a 22 years old girl from Lansing, Michigan. The only Sirlin tabletop game I play is Yomi but I’d like to try the rest sometime, and I’m in love with Fantasy Strike fighting game, can’t wait for it to have netplay! I’ve been playing Yomi for about 8 months now and I’ve only just recently stopped playing only :troq: and :degrey: and switched to :menelker: and :quince: although I still use :degrey: when I need him. I’m not very good but I always try my best.

Shoutouts to my boys @Phrawger @scymrian and fusxfaranto (who isn’t on this forum yet)


Hi all, I’m snoc (aka Josh aka dutchie) and I live in the UK (in Reading for another week or two, soon to stay with family in Worcester until the PhD funding for Southampton gets sorted out and I can go study abstract nonsense there). I picked up Yomi around the start of 2016 and have been uploading gameplay videos on my YouTube channel for a few months now. My mains are mostly :lum: and :setsuki: at the moment, but I want to go back and play more :valerie: (the character I started off with) and make more use of my QM :gloria: skills in tournaments. As you can see, I pretty much only play grapplers.

In the last week or two, I’ve also been frantically mashing buttons in FSFG without really knowing what’s going on, and trying to convince myself that I can afford to drop $200+shipping on deluxe Codex.


I forget if I’ve asked, but do you or other Lansing people go to Hollow Mountain?

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I’m from the US of A, living in Pittsburgh. Been playing Sirlin’s games ever since the Puzzle Strike 3rd ed. kickstarter, which was in 2012. Got into the other games over time. In Yomi, I started with :vendetta:, then moved to :onimaru:, and have since been messing around with :grave: and :setsuki:. Really looking forward to Codex, making/contributing to guides for the game and all that, it’s right up my alley.


Wait, what’s with all the Michigan in here? My wife is from Ypsilanti, too. Crazy. (I’m from southeast Pennsylvania, northwest of Philadelphia)


Another American here, from Chicago. I’ve been on the forums since 2008, when Yomi was in development and Sirlin had just lost the license to use Street Fighter characters in it. I had read the Playing to Win article some years before, and I was reminded about it when I got into Kongai on Kongregate (still my 2nd favorite Sirlin-designed game). I’ve been around ever since. This makes me feel quite old, so excuse me if I indulge in a little nostalgia.

I’ve spent the large majority of the time lurking more than posting, and reading about Sirlin’s games more than playing them. Those trends have reversed a bit recently as I’ve gotten into Codex. My Yomi career peaked in June 2009, when I beat Garcia’s Lum in a tournament and took 3rd overall*. I promptly went 0-3 in the next week’s tournament and haven’t played competitive Yomi since.

*Here’s the evidence for posterity, since it will get lost when the previous forums go away. Kindly ignore the fact that this was a 10 person tournament in which several people didn’t show up. And the fact that the game balance was still in flux, to the degree that Sirlin asked us not to use Degrey because “he was still thinking about him”:

The peak of my Yomi career