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International Yomi DAAAYY?!?!

Hey folks, I haven’t been around these forums too long, but has an all day(s) tournament been attempted with much success? I ask because I love playing with you fine folks, but I have a tough time committing to the weekly games (mentally) and would love to just play all day occasionally
(that being said, I’m pumped for the new Salary Cap tourney)

I imagine format could be something like a game scheduled every 1.5-2 hours or so, and if there were enough folks even do play-offs in the coming weeks after, like any other tourney, for maximum HYPE. Timeframe is something to think of, as I know we have an international community, but I imagine a few different compromises could be made depending on who signed up.

Just thought I’d see what folks thought. My good pals @Knifight, @variable, and myself were talking about how much fun it could be even with a small group of folks.

thanks for your input!


Chalk me in as interested!


For some past context, I think the last one-day tournaments didn’t pre-set a schedule, and just played the matches as they were available, I think. There were also a series of fast-timer one-day tournaments that @neigutten ran that were pretty fun, I’m lead to believe. (I never managed to make any of the one-days, just because the time commitment was more than I could manage in one sitting).


I’m thinking I might try to look ahead in my schedule and plan one. My goal would be to really make it feel as much like an in person tournament as I can, so figured it would be cool to set up a Discord server that attendees can hang out in, chat, and watch matches together when they aren’t playing.


I’m very interested in this & I like the idea of having a playoffs-style competition on a later date if there’s enough interest! Might be tough to arrange, but it’d be BA if the matches were also getting streamed live by @mysticjuicer (who I think is on a Yomi hiatus atm, so don’t bet on it) or @migohunter & @JonnyD, or someone/some group that could make the matches EVEN MORE AMAZING~ :smiley_cat:


I’m also intrigued. If I had ANY confidence in my voice/appearance, I’d volunteer to do commentary, but I don’t, so that won’t be happening in the near future. Nonetheless, I’d love to play if possible

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You don’t have to appear on camera I certainly never used to. Just say funny and interesting things.
And have a good internet connection, that helps.


The voice is also a big part of that insecurity. Also my internet connection is terrible, so that doesn’t help

I think as long as we have like even 8 people we’d be golden. Hell, maybe even 4. We could just make it double elimination if we have less than some number and single if it’s more than that. And I like the idea of having a fallback day a week later for finishing up if it’s more than a handful of us.

I’m definitely on the same kinda boat. I’m all about getting some practice in for a week or two and then playing a buncha games over a day or two. Take a break. Come back. Repeat.

Definitely wanna see if I can get in on that bidding tourney though, that looks cool either way, just gotta make some time for it.