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Im seriously just sick of games

im sick of paying money for games, im sick of creating user accounts, of sick of getting bored, im sick of losing, Im so mad about losing! ARGH! For god’s sake people, why play games? Don’t you all feel angry when you lose too?

I get mad when I lose at games that I spend a lot of time getting good at. If that happened often enough or outweighed the enjoyment I had while playing in general or of winning, I would probably stop playing those games.

In games I am learning, I generally don’t get mad if I lose because I know I’m not good at them yet. The more I can play within that “all of this is just me learning how to be better” the more I am not bothered by losses, and I can even enjoy them.

That doesn’t really help me much Mystic, the fact is competitive games are simply doomed to fail. You can’t have both factions win at the same time! Why can’t game developers actually take it to heart when gamers complain about losing? Maybe try making a game that doesn’t punish you for losing.

Different players have different tastes, and you’d have some players complain, or at least not play, if they couldn’t lose. I find a game completely unsatisfying if there’s no chance to lose. That’s not something exclusive to competitive games either, I usually play games solitaire. The day there are no competitive or solo games being released is the day I walk away from gaming for good.

If you’re not enjoying these sorts of games any more, that’s fine. There are plenty of other games/hobbies out there to sink your time into. I’ve found I just need to walk away from games sometimes to stop myself getting worked up, even if it’s a game I love. But there’s nothing to be gained for you, or us, in complaining about this across several forum threads, especially on a forum for a games company that specialises in the sort of games you’re complaining about.

EDIT: Sorry if this comes across as sanctimonious. I’m writing the above because I’ve found myself wanting to vent at length about something several times, and usually it’s because I’ve spent too much time sitting around thinking about something and getting worked up over nothing, rather than burning/deleting what I’d written, walking away, and occupying my mind with something else for a while. Something in your posts reminded of those times.

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Well that’s fine if you dissagree, but honestly, if you aren’t having any fun playing a game, why play it? Where’s the fun in losing?

I mean, I’ll give ya this, winning isn’t always fun either. While it is generally fun to win, it can also not be fun sometimes. Agh. I give up. I guess I just hate competitive games period. I prefer games with style, charm, beauty, aesthetics

That’s sort of my point. We disagree, and that’s fine. Go out and explore for things you enjoy, rather than sit brooding. Gaming’s a big country, good luck out there.

Well, even though I said that, I do have to admit, there are still some ways I can enjoy a competitive game. There is something to be said about stickin it ti Sirlin Games. Hahahaha!