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Identification of Fonts in Codex

Does anyone happen to know what font is used for the Spec Names at the bottom of the Codex cards? The token card names too would be a help, but I think I may be able to figure that one out. I’m working on a project and this information would be a huge help.

Thanks in advance!

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Token names: FuturaStd ExtraBold

Spec/color names at bottom: LifeCraft Regular for non-spells and Thaleia for spells


Thank you very much, that’s a huge help!

It looks like there may be two fonts use for Spells. Thalia has some really old englishy looking capital letters, specifically T and M. Looking at “Truth Magic” the T and M are definitely from a different font than Thalia. Do you have any idea what it could be?

Thanks again for your help!

Sharp eye! The “T” in “Truth” and the “M” in “Magic” is Hobo Std.

Incidentally, card names and subtypes are in Belwe BT Bold and Medium, and the target symbol is from Wingdings. Card body text is FranklinGothicURWCon Med and FranklinGothicURWCon BooIta, and flavor text is TradeGothicLT LightOblique.


Thank you so much for this information, you’ve been a big help. I didn’t even think about the body and flavor text, I was using a generic sans font, and it wasn’t quite matching up.