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Huge 40% off Black Friday Week Sale!

We’re having a massive Black Friday Week sale, from November 21st to November 27th. Head over to to check out the deals. Use the code FANTASY40 to apply the discount at checkout.

We’re also a part of the Steam Autumn Sale for Fantasy Strike, Yomi, and Puzzle Strike, so check those out, too if you’re looking to pick one up for yourself (or a friend)!

Blog post here:


Awesome. nice time to complete my Flash Duel collection (1st, 2nd, and 2nd revised)

I had the P&P of revised already, but now i get the standups too.

Now I’ll have everything SirlinGames ever put out, except Puzzle Strike Deluxe



In my case, I’m planning to finish filling in my Yomi 2nd Edition box with the Shadows characters and maybe pick up Flash Duel as well. I’ll admit to being tempted by that Yomi 1st Edition box… but I can’t see myself ever making a truly complete collection, so I’d rather not start down that path to be on the safe side. :wink:


@leontes is puzzle strike pink box going to be reprinted at all? I’d really love to pick it up to complete my set. I also want a copy of flash duel for myself (I previously bought it for a friend) but shipping is too expensive to buy them separately.

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Unfortunately we’re not 100% sure if/when we’ll be doing a reprint of the Pink box. The only option currently is to do the ol’ Print and Play thing :frowning: