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Hijacked Codex Card of the Week - Jurisdiction

I don’t have much insight on this card because I’ve been scared to use it and don’t even know how to begin to use it effectively. I’m hijacking the card of the week to get some ideas going on Jurisdiction. In what situations are you using Jurisdiction? In what builds have you found it to be most effective? Against what builds have you found it to be most effective? It seems like the point of the card is to take the guess work out of spells that strongly counter one strategy at the cost of increased cost and deck bloat. Or just gives you vastly increased options on a turn you have this in hand. Also can be good as a surprise card when a particular hero is dead and the opponent thinks they don’t have to fear their spells for that turn.

Maybe another way to effectively use it is if you’re going super heavy on units so don’t have much room for spells (perhaps going Truth?) so you just drop in a Jurisdiction in so you can cast any spell that is crucially needed.

In-Color Synergies
Lawful Search, Flagstone Spy, and Eyes of the Chancellor - The synergy in all these cards are the same. They allow you to cheaply see the opponents hand so you can take even more of the guess work out of which spell to grab. Flagstone Spy combos particularly well because in addition to giving you the hand info it can steal money which can defray the increased cost of playing spells through Jurisdiction. Additionally none of these cards require another hero to be in play to take advantage of the hand peek.

Out-of-Color Synergies
Martial Mastery - a much harder way to look at the opponents hand, because you need two heroes out, but still anther way to do it.

Other Synergies
Every non-channeling spell in existence?

Any thoughts on this spell?


I’ve found it’s really good insurance against an otherwise critical spellcaster dying. “Damn, you killed Geiger! …oh well, I can still Temporal Distortion with Jurisdiction if I need to.”


Teching Dreamscape is a very risky move, and getting it via Bigby and Jurisdiction might have been a good idea… If this wasn’t so expensive.
Bigby’s midband has a great synergy with it too.

But yeah that’s not how the game is currently played competitively.

Channeled spells are still restricted to the appropriate hero, in that you sacrifice them when the hero is gone. You could use Bigby to get 2 birds, because Bird’s Nest would arrive and then be sacrificed, for example.

Personally I like the idea of surprise attack right after Zane has died.


I vote this be called “REALLY surprise attack.”


What would be a good use of Jurisdiction a Promise of Payment?

Anything cheap or difficult to get the timing on could work with jurisdiction. Also it should be paired with cheap units, as you are going to spend a lot of gold on spells. Most spells lose a LOT of oomph when you have to pay 2g more, but the fact that you didn’t have to tech them in advance could be good. You could grab a unit and jurisdiction as your first tech, and then just tech units the rest of the game, relying on jurisdiction to get any other spells. Vandy midband is very similar in effect to jurisdiction, and people make use of it fairly often. Jurisdiction just costs 1g more and doesn’t tap your hero and has access to way more spells.


Those are good points. Gives a little more to think about with Jurisdiction. Given that I wonder how strong Jurisdiction would be if it cost 1.

What decks do people like the spell in? I’m a whole lot less excited about it in mono blue then in multi color. With Quince you probably have Free Speech in your deck vs a lot of builds. Then Hallucination and Dreamscape go hand in hand so it doesn’t do a whole lot with Quince, of course I could be wrong. Onimaru brings more versatility then Quince but still nothing super exciting. Its possible to get good value out of Elite Training. Boot Camp is probably only worth it if you super need to draw a card and you’d have enough money after the spell to play then thing you want to draw into, so there’s minor value there. General’s Hammer works if you need to finish off a building and there’s no other way to get it done. I feel maybe Onimaru does bring some good options for the spell.

I really like pairing Orpal with Bigby and Onimaru. Among other reasons Jurisdiction can lead into either spell discard with Carrion Curse, or Unit lockdown with Injunction. This is where hand vision comes in big. I’m still not sure if the versatility is worth the extra cost though. Pulling Bigby’s own spells also doesn’t feel great either. Will take a lot of fooling around with it to find out how effective it is and when to use it.

With Jurisdiction, it will be very achievable to Plague Lab plus Spreading Plague in the same turn to nuke just all enemy units…

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another one of the reasons to like the Law+Disease duet.

sounds like an awfully expensive way of casting judgment day…


Judgment day kills your stuff too though. Your units would stay alive in that combo so if you had any kind of a board it would be worth it. The described combo gets even better if any opposing heroes happen to have neg runes on them as well. Plus you still have Plague lab on the table afterward.


Not only that, but you don’t have to max Bigby to do that combo. You can still take advantage of healing from leveling him on later turns, and Chronofixer can’t prevent it.

Would Law + Disease + Truth be the “Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory” deck?