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Getting FLGS to stock and sell Sirlin games

Hi folks,

I’m a relatively new player (started with PS, then splurged on the full sets of both Yomi and Codex). I’m enjoying every bit of it. I really like the streamlined mechanics coupled with highly tested balance, making it interesting for both casual and competitive play.

I’m not much of an online game player (although I appreciate that there is that option for those who want it). What I’m trying to do is get folks at my friendly local game store (FLGS) interested in these games. They mostly love the Fantasy Flight LCGs (Netrunner, LotR, Arkham Horror, etc.) so I know they would also enjoy these Sirlin games.

However, I feel weird for pushing these games since the store doesn’t sell them. Before buying the Codex and Yomi sets, I contacted Sirlin Games to see about getting them through my FLGS so I could support them, and the reply was that they don’t offer a discounted price to stores. I think he meant only those two products (i.e. the full sets), but I’m not sure.

Does anyone have any tips on how to get players hooked on these games while still being able to support the FLGS, or are they only available through Sirlin Games? If they are available through FLGS, will the store make any profit? In other words, will the store be purchasing them for the exact price they are available to us (retail)?

Thanks, and happy playing!


I’m very surprised to hear that you got the impression we do not sell to local game stores. My standard answer is that any game store anywhere in the world can carry our games by contacting their local distributor, or by getting inventory directly from Hit Point Sales, here. This applies to all Sirlin Games products except two SKUs: Codex Deluxe and Pandante Deluxe. Every other SKU (including all other Codex SKUs and all other Pandante SKUs) is available at wholesale price and has been for many years.

If your favorite store doesn’t carry the Sirlin Games you want, tell them to carry them. They certain can. They could order them today at wholesale price, like any other games.


They will. When Sirlin mentioned the “wholesale price” in his reply, I think that’s what you might have been thinking about when you asked about a discount. (I assume it sounded like you were asking about a special FLGS discount on top of the industry standard wholesale price, which naturally SG doesn’t do.)

No, I was talking about the wholesale price.

Thanks for the replies, It’s good to know the FLGS can get (most) Sirlin games products at wholesale.