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Germany meet-up!

The London meet-up last year was great but tough on my wallet just to play some Codex.

Because I’m cheap like that, I’ll snatch it away and move it to my home area! HA!

Luckily, I can hide my ulterior motive behind the argument that two major international conventions happen here that I am sure many Europeans among you are planning to visit anyway:

SPIEL in Essen in one of the world’s major trade fair for tabletop games and I know for a fact that @StarSlayer and @Plum are regulars. Essen is not quite close to my home town -about 45 minutes by train- but maybe I could try to organize a location there. Or we play in the lobby of someone’s hotel? However, I could see people being more hype to play their new acquisitions, which would also be cool but maybe miss the point a bit? In any case, let’s at least play some Yomi at the fair.
That’s transportable enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

The other major event is Gamescom in Cologne which is a lot closer to my home town. So if anybody is planning to visit, we could even play at my space (my table can barely fit 6). Alternatively, I could try to find a spot in Cologne. At the very least, I know the local gaming store. :wink:

So let me know what you think? Anyone planning to visit either event? I have only the vaguest of plans but that’s why I’m posting early.


Hey Zej, do you still plan to attend Gamescon?

Gamescom is less than half an hour from my place, so yeah. :wink:
That being said, I usually only go on press day (Wednesday).

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