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Germany meet-up 22nd-26th March (Munich)

I’m going to be in Munich from the 22nd to the 26th of this month, so I was wondering if there are any German players who would be interested in meeting up and getting some games in.

Obviously i’m up for playing some Yomi but I’m up for playing some other stuff if people want to as well

@Zejety @Corroyeur

I tagged the players I know are in Germany but if I missed anyone if you could tag them that’d be much appreciated


Sorry, I’m not loving in that area and I doubt I’ll have time to travel. :frowning:
But let me also tag @StarSlayer for you!

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Thanks for the notification. Sadly, I live quite a bit away from Munich and I have already plans for that weekend.

I wish anyone who gets to meet a lot of fun though!

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