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General Strategy for the Starter Set

Do you have any general strategy advice for players playing with the Starter Set? (That includes just 1 hero each - Finesse vs. Bashing).

What strategies are strong that each player should consider leaning towards?

Is either side favored at all in this matchup?


Tech Iron Men


Generally, the Finesse player will tech to 3 to get the full tribal synergy and the Bashing player will try to play Troq’s ultimate spell. As Cstick said, Iron Man is the key card in the matchup since none of Finesse’s cards at T1 can trade favorably. You can try to defend and rush T2 to get Lizards or use two-step boosted units to deal with it.

Bashing Player:

  • Don’t give River free levels with Troq: avoid bringing him out unless he’s sure to survive
  • Build a tower
  • Tech Iron Men early
  • Win with tech 2/3

Finesse Player:

  • Use two step and nimble fencer early
  • Be aggressive but trade favorably
  • Combo 2-3 virtuoso bonuses as best as possible

Tech rhinos. Just do it.

I’ve had terrible results trying to turtle up with Iron Man and defend my way to a win. Finesse is just way too good at running over you with Two Step/Discord/etc. I’ve actually had much better results using the stat advantage of my big units to swing into stuff.

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That’s my experience as well. You still want to tech the big guys but you’ll generally want to use them for offense. Just keep playing more of them and put them into the patrol zone the turn they arrive to avoid getting blown out by haste stuff…

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Yeah, I could use some advice here too. A few months back my wife and I played a few games of the Starter Set and her Finesse crushed my Bashing every time. Next time I’m planning on focusing more on just sticking with Tech II and seeing how that works out, and being a little more judicious with Troq, focusing more on Final Smash than on Trojan Duck as a way to turn the tides of the end game.

Happy to play some bashing v finesse with you in play by post @GRAG, if you’d like to practice bashing or see me play it (though I’m not sure I’m a pro I’m willing to give it a go)!

I just got my deluxe set yesterday, so I’ve now played a few games of Bashing vs. Finesse while teaching a few of my brothers to play. Bashing is so bad! What are you supposed to do when you’re player 2 and they draw both Nimble Fencers on turn 3?

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@cstick I’m curious how strong this really is, want to demonstrate in a pbp match where you rig your turn 3 draw to that?

The starter set games I’ve played irl have usually gone fine for bashing, though certainly finesse brings a lot to the table

You play iron men on your turn 3.
Take advantage of the fact that finesse must spend more cards to deal with your guys than you do for theirs.

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So far, I’m only aware of one time Bashing beat Finess in demo games. Assuming this is the best 1v1 matchup in the game, there must be some strategies Bashing can focus on for victory. I think the Flying Egg is one, as it just needs a little help to constantly keep a Tech building destroyed. The best is probably Troq’s midband, if you can somehow attack with him every turn (Helpful Turtle?). Bloom on the Flying Egg is also an option.

It’s too bad Spark cannot be cast on a Building…

Basically, Finess literally spells out the combination strategies (Virtuosous, Two-Step, Harmony+Spells) but Bashing requires a deep understanding of the match-up?

I find Egg Ship to be a really bad card in the match-up, as Leaping Lizard represents such good value as a 3/5 for 1. On the finesse side of the matchup LL is usually the first tech 2 card I tech.

I’ve found the most successful strategy to be protect Troq with Iron Men, Hired Stompers and Intimidate, and aim for Final Smash. One Final Smash will usually give you enough momentum to finish out the game.

I dunno about you guys but I just play rhinos
Like lots of rhinos
Then I play a lizard and a duck.


“also, what’s this codex thing everyone keeps talking about”

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I’m so bewildered by everything in this thread, because I have played maybe 10 games of Bashing vs. Finesse and Bashing has won 8 of them. Most were against @bravo840, but this past weekend I was teaching someone the game and gave him Bashing and took Finesse and lost, to someone who has never even played the game before.

I must fundamentally misunderstand how to play Finesse, because I don’t feel like I’m at such a big disadvantage in other matchups, skill-wise. The game just gets to a point where Bashing drops 2-3 big units on the table that I just can’t muster the power to kill, and then that’s the end; it builds from there.

For me, new players have a much easier time as Bashing than Finesse.

In our last game, I was able to buy a Surplus and keep it alive, which boosted Finesse’s power immensely. They don’t have enough gold sinks normally.

I also liked two stepping Backstabber Rogues and Cloud Sprites.