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Gauging Interest for bringing back the Mentournament

I’d be interested in mentoring. I know grappler matchups the best, but know enough to dip my toe in teaching other characters. I’m in UK time though so probably best with someone around that timezone.

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Okay, I’ll put up a formal sign-up page next week.

Are people happy with using the old format of a one day swiss bracket into a one day top 4 or would people like to see something else.

I’m open to suggestions, maybe people would prefer the swiss bracket portion to be run in a league format to allow for mentoring between each set and Bo5 sets.


For me, the original format looks good. Keeping the two parts of the tournament as one day events, so that the coach/mentor time is two weeks is much more prefereable to having the Swiss tournament in league format. I probably wouldn’t be able to commit to the more-than-two-weeks-of-coaching that a league format would entail.

/my two cents

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I likely wouldn’t be able to participate in this as a two-day tourney. It’s a lot easier to schedule one match a week than it is to find two days for many consecutive games.

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I remember these fondly.

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